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The Future of Media: Introduction

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All forms of media have felt the effect of the internet and the consumers gravitation to new technology. You often see writers, frightened by what they see, writing about the uncertain future of newspapers, books, radio and television. As of late I’ve been fairly laid back about the whole issue and I still am. But there is a larger point that needs to be made in regard to these mediums and their future.

Newspapers, books, radio and television might not exist in the near future, well at least as we know them today. I have a problem with people getting worked up over loosing these mediums. While I don’t want them to go, I don’t want them to stay if they’re not wanted.

Here is the main point that anyone worried about the future needs to understand. Newspapers/books, radios and televisions are all delivery methods. Outside of a newspaper or a book, the alphabet and words will still exist. Outside of the radio industry, audio recording and even transmission via the internet will continue. And moving pictures will still be around even if televisions are not the sole mode of consumption.

Something that we all need to accept is that the internet will be the distribution method for all of the media that we consume. That does not necessarily mean that the computer will be the mode of consumption, it will be a middle man. The computer will be a way for the consumer to set up what they want to read, watch, and listen too. It will become a central access point for the consumer to pick favorites, subscribe to certain feeds for all types of media, and just make basic decisions about what they want to consume. The media will then be sent out via a network or internet connection too a smart phone, gaming console, entertainment computer, or reading device, and the media will be streaming on those devices waiting to be consumed.

Why streaming? Its simple. The one advantage that the newspaper, radio, and television industries have over the consumer is the fact that they are in charge of when and where the consumer gets their product. If the consumer has to receive the product after a short ad then so be it, that’s how its always been. There is a fear on the part of the industries and advertisers that the industries will loose this element of control and they will have no way of basically forcing the consumer to see an ad. If they loose that control the advertisers don’t spend money and the industries loose money.

That is where streaming comes in. This generally only applies to radio and television, this dilemma is not as common in the world of text. If something is streamed, interrupting that stream is virtually impossible for the average consumer/user and that allows the industries to be able to force the consumer to watch an ad. This is already happening with Hulu and popular videos on Youtube.

In the coming days I will write about all of these industries in depth and tell you what I think will happen to them. So be sure to look for these posts interspersed with my normal blog activity.


Something For The 4th

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In light of Independence Day and the 24 hour Twilight Zone marathon that airs every 4th of July, on the SciFi channel, here is an interview with the man himself, Rod Serling. Enjoy!