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Tech Update 4: Hulu Plus (Hulu on PS3 console)

Posted in Technology with tags , , , , , , , , on June 29, 2010 by raingeg

Today is a great day. For the last three years I’ve been trying to find ways to make my Playstation 3 and Hulu work together to give me my favorite “television” shows on my television. I’ve tried many things like Tversity and PlayOn which allow you to stream content from your computer, via the web, over your gaming console. That got to be a bit tedious, you had to turn your computer on, open the program, leave your computer on and then watch the show. Sometimes it wouldn’t connect to the web correctly, or there would be lag and then you’d have to wait for it to catch up. Then they started charging for the service, so I gave up on it. You couldn’t watch Hulu over the browser on the PS3 and now they’ve made it so that you can’t even run another OS on the PS3.

Enter Hulu Plus, a subscription based version of Hulu that allows you to access Hulu via the PS3 console. Hulu will not change, but Hulu Plus will give you a more than what is already available. Hulu Plus will be available on a plethora of other devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad, along with some HD TV’s, XBOX 360 (2011) and other devices. And it will be in 720 High Definition. And for $9.99 a month you will be able to access full seasons of your favorite television shows. Seems like a pretty good deal.

For a while now gaming consoles have had access to the NetFlix library of movies and television shows for $8.99. I’ve been considering signing up for NetFlix because the price is so great. Now comes along Hulu Plus, which will give me the ability to watch a lot of new shows on my PS3, plus a lot of old shows for a dollar more. I do wonder if we will have access to the movie library that is already available at Hulu. I’m also wondering about some of the more obscure cable shows, if they too will be available on Hulu Plus. I’m sure all of these questions will be answered soon enough.

I just thought of something. If I purchased NetFlix and Hulu Plus, for the mere price of about $19.00 per month, I could have many of the features, if not more, available on basic cable. The cable company charges an arm and a leg for basic cable and its not worth it, I guess that’s why I don’t have it, and with the way technology is advancing it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it in the future.


TV Better Shape Up or Ship Out

Posted in Technology with tags , on September 8, 2008 by raingeg

I love technology, but I also like a good sitcom and a good laugh. It seems that sometimes technology makes life a little less humorous. The other night I was watching Mad About You, a sitcom from the 90’s about a married couple living in New York City. The episode revolved around Paul and Jamie getting separated on two different subway’s. The first thing I thought was, why not just use your cell phone? Then I realized that unlike now, about 15 years ago, cell phones weren’t as prevalent. You couldn’t just send your friend a text message or call them up. I often ask myself how people did it back in the day, how did they end up going anywhere or meeting up with anybody? I guess people just made plans and stuck to them, because of this, we probably had a less flakey citizenry. But if you think about it, its ironic how that plot line couldn’t very easily be used in today’s society. That doesn’t mean things aren’t funny these day’s, it just means that the world we live in is different. We are going to have to be extra creative, as we try to find way’s around how implausible a life without everyone being connected has become.

Technology as a whole has flipped the television world on its head, needless to say technology is winning the fight. With sites like Youtube there is very little the business end of television can do. I actually don’t think very high priced 10 and 5 second ads for video entertainment are very far off. They will probably sell them for what 60 and 30 second ads are selling for now. Life is speeding up, and people want their media when and where they want it on their own terms, not on a networks terms. That is why the term “On Demand” has become so popular. The cable companies sure are getting it, but the networks are only slightly catching on.

Most of the big television networks are offering their show’s for free online, but that isn’t good enough. People don’t only want to be able to watch their favorite show’s online anytime, they want to watch it on their living room TV, without having to download a different player every time. And if the television networks were smart they would make their media as accessible as possible. If the desired media is easy to access that will then make the advertisers message easy to access. There’s an easy way to do it too! RSS video feeds, that way people can use software like TVersity (stay tuned I have a post about it coming up) and they can receive their updates where and whenever they want them.

Its a different world now, the people have really given the companies a run for their money. They want fast, easy, and free media at the touch of a button and its as simple as that. And if they can’t get it from the networks and companies they will get it some other way.

Something For The 4th

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In light of Independence Day and the 24 hour Twilight Zone marathon that airs every 4th of July, on the SciFi channel, here is an interview with the man himself, Rod Serling. Enjoy!