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Happy Birthday Sesame Street

Posted in Education, Humor with tags on November 10, 2009 by raingeg

I took a couple of days off. Its the 40th Birthday of Sesame Street here’s a video from the show.


Something Different, Something Happy

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I know that I usually write about politics and ethical issues but I need to take a break from that in this post, in light of my new niece arriving in the world. There are many things that I could talk about in regards to children and babies, but if there is one thing that I loved when I was a child it was the bedtime stories that my parents read to me.

The first bedtime story that I remember is a Little Golden Book called I Think That it is Wonderful. This book is great for little children, with a lot of great poems. The poems are sometimes educational and other times they are good life lessons. The book is written by David Korr and illustrated by A. Delaney.

Each poem is very good at reflecting the character of each muppet on Sesame Street. The story starts off in the morning and ends at night which makes this a great book to read to your children at night.

The next book is Creole written by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James.

It is the story of a scary swamp creature that has no fiends, that is, until Creole is befriended by a stuttering baby alligator. Together they devise a plan to convince the other animals that Creole is not scary, and in the process they eliminate the baby alligators stuttering problem.

This book is great. It is a fast read and good for bedtime because of the good message and great illustrations.

The last book is called Goodnight Moon, written by Margret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. This is the absolute quintessential bedtime story, it was published in 1947 so it is time tested and reader approved, and has sold millions of copies in its 61 year run.

With its wonderful illustrations and simple text it is one of the best. Also look for all the different allusions to other stories in the book.

Bedtime stories are great and these are just some that you might consider reading to your children, I know I will when I have kids, until then I’ll have to read them to my new niece.