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The Joel Gaines Show 1-31-10 (Audio download)

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My job on the show is to make it all work on the sound end and occasionally ask a stupid question. Anyway, here’s the “on tap.”

Republicans are hopeful for another Senate seat, this one possibly coming from President Obama’s own state of Illinois.

HLS Secretary Napolitano is being criticized by Top Democrats of the House Homeland Security Committee.

North Korea is back in the news, demanding a formal end to the Korean War – we’ll cover that.

The Senate has raised the US debt Limit – again – let’s take a quick look at that.

Let’s take a look at the state of the union address and offer a few comments on that as well.

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Conservative Nihilists?

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I’m pretty sure that when I started to write this one there was some kind of philosophical idea or something that I was trying to convey, but it just turned into a bunch of words, not really accomplishing the goal of being concise, so I started over. Ever happened to you? Well its bound to.

For the last couple of days I’ve just been reading multiple blogs and columns and not really posting anything. I think after sitting for eight hours at work thinking and hearing about politics drains me, then when I get home and try to write something nothing comes out. But that’s enough about me, on to other stuff.

Republicans in congress, conservatives and libertarians alike all stood fast against most of what the current administration is proposing. And it seems that they are making a new name for themselves. Conservatives are being labeled nihilistic and anarchistic by left wing pundits. The question that we’re forced ask is whether this stems from the conservatives desire to go against the Democratic party establishment or bad their legislation. I can tell you for sure that it is the latter. Right now the Democratic party is the party of big government and Republicans just simply can’t stand for that. The other problem that the Democratic party has, is a lack of unity. The Republicans are almost 300-esque, standing strong against the left wing Obama administration.

The leftists in the party are running the show and the more conservative congressional Democrats, who are concerned about re-election, have been forced to fight with them. How does this look to the American people? Not good. Especially when you’re looking at the party that is supposed to be run by the “post-partisan” and “not a Washington insider” president and all there is within the party is partisan bickering and behind closed doors Washington insider politics.

It is now the job of Republicans to start coming up with solutions and presenting them to the American people. If Republicans refuse to do that I believe that they too will be on the ropes. We cannot stop fighting, we have to continue to take the message of small accountable government to the people.

Last week was probably the best week for conservatives that I’ve ever seen, mostly because I’ve only been politically active for a short period of time, but still, it was still awesome. Lets hope that we can keep the fire burning and not let victory go to our heads.

Hey Republicans! We Should Practice What We Preach

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Yesterday news broke that Harry Reid made some comments during the 2008 elections about then candidate Barack Obama being “light skinned” and not having a “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” As far as I’m concerned Reid didn’t say anything that isn’t true and he didn‘t say anything that was really all that bad. Did he choose his words poorly, sure, but don’t we all?

Today Republicans John Cornyn, Jon Kyl and Michael Steele have all called for Harry Reid to resign, a move that I just can’t back. They’re all right in asking the question, what if a republican had done this? We all know that if a republican said something like this every leftist would be up in arms and they would call for a resignation. But that’s because they’re leftists. We republicans really need to decide if this is a battle that is worth waging. In the short run, maybe, it might be worth it in a symbolic sort of way, but I have my reservations. In the long run, I think this is a mistake.

I am not in favor of the over sensitive society that we currently have. Reid was already having problems in the polls prior to this news and I imagine that trend would have continued despite the controversy. Conservatives are supposed to be the ones that are against political correctness, not the enforcers of it.

I realize that there is hypocrisy on the left. They wanted Trent Lott out for saying something that they deemed inappropriate, now Harry Reid does something very similar and they kiss and make up, I get that. Get this, we’re not the left! Are we not supposed to be above this? Why, all of the sudden, do we insist on playing by their rules?

You want to know what makes me mad about the whole thing, the fact that we once again had to endure this canned “I‘m sorry” “I accept” routine. Whether its celebrities or politicians, they all do it. They apologize and make up and we all get to watch it happen knowing that they’re just going through the motions to maintain their image. Its Harry Reid we’re talking about here, he may be some pretty bad things, but he’s no racist.

Pointing out hypocrisy is one thing, turning into a hypocrite in the process is a totally different ball game. The problem with our society is that we want to have standards, but we don’t want to apply those standards to ourselves. In the game of politics we need to learn, if the other team stinks, let them loose the game on their own.

Joel Gaines Show 7-26-09

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Joel Gaines Show Audio

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Rebrand the party!? How about rebrand the leaders!

President Obama has acted stupidly – he has inserted himself in a local law enforcement matter in Cambridge Mass – and for all the wrong reasons – and I want to weigh in on that.

And then – Despite the President’s assurances that his healthcare bill will cut cost for Americans and cover more Americans, the Congressional Budget Office sees it differently.

Marijuana laws and law enforcement – let’s take a look at some frustration in states where there are lax pot laws. If you are a proponent of legal dope, you are just ASKING for bigger government. I’ll tell you a little about that.

And – there are calls from all over the leftist blogosphere for the Democrats in congress and across American to start acting on their majority. Act LIKE a majority.

My Last Post Before The Election: For A Young Conservative

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After just about two years of campaigning and two years of very interesting politics, its about to come to an end, and I’m actually pretty happy. I can’t wait for all of the political street signs to come down and just have a year away from the whole election process. The last time that we really had a break from election politics was 2005, after the ‘04 election and between the ‘06 midterm election.

For a while now I’ve been pondering the roll of younger people in the conservative movement. Because generally speaking most young people tend to lean leftward. I don’t know if that is due to the young persons not being in touch with the real world or because they are indoctrinated by their leftist college professors. Nonetheless, being a young person myself, I have desires for the conservative movements role in politics and the young people that take part in it.

If there is one thing that is different about today’s society for a young person compared to the society that my parents grew up in, its that being a conservative and a young person is not nearly as lame as it was in those day’s. Today, conservatives don’t necessarily fall into the stereotypical mold that they might have in the 60’s and 70‘s. It is very possible to be young, cool and conservative.

How can we, as young conservative’s, allow conservative ideals to penetrate the minds of our peers? It can be summed up in one word, respect. Respect the other side. There is so much disgusting junk that has come out of the far left and those on the sane side of conservatism need not sink to that level. A level probably reached by teachers in high school and college and activists on campuses and elsewhere that do a better job of silencing opposition than they do allowing it.

From the looks of the country at this time Sen. Barack Obama has a very good chance of winning this election. If Obama wins the election we must recognize that even though we do not agree with him, he is our president and we need to respect him. If he does something that is commendable than we should commend him. If he does something that we do not agree with, which he more than likely will, we should sanely voice our dissent without attacking the mans character.

We can’t take the route that The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, and frequently take when it comes to their dissent with President Bush, dissent that often turns into hatred.

But please don’t let me be mistaken, just because we respect the other sides right to freely speak, doesn’t mean that have to be pacifists when it comes to our words. If you have a viable and truthful critique of another human there is nothing wrong with attacking their political/social beliefs and actions, but that can be done without attacking another persons character.

Young and old conservatives alike need to hold politicians accountable. It is imperative that the Republican party clean up their act and get some better politicians that have better PR. Hopefully we can do this in the 2010 midterm election. The Republican party is really the only place conservative politicians can be heard, but a lot of those “Republicans” that have been in and are right now in congress don’t have conservative values and have greatly damaged the image of Republicans. And as far as President Bush goes, he has done a fairly bad job communicating to the American people. Had he communicated better with the people during his time in office he would have a better approval rating and he wouldn’t be such a threat to John McCain during this election.

The last thing that needs to happen, is we need to figure out what our aim is. If our aim is becoming more conservative than let that be our aim. But if our aim is to continue down the path we’re on, by allowing the politicians in the Republican party (again the only place where conservatives have a voice) to continue being fiscally irresponsible, with us advocates of more conservative government floundering somewhere in between, we will never live up to our conservative name. Being a conservative is not only a social issue.

So young conservatives out there, go out tomorrow and vote! I know I’ve just written about how we need to be more conservative, and I know that voting for McCain seems like a step away from that goal. But you must realize how much greater damage can be done by doing the opposite or doing nothing at all. We will have time to fix our message, but I’d rather do the repairs under McCain than Obama. So lets hopefully get McCain in and then lets get to work by holding him accountable. I am not thrilled with the condition of the Republican party, obviously, but I am not at all comfortable with the state that the Democrat party is in. If we allow them to get in to office far more than the Republican party and conservatism will be damaged, so don’t for a minute think that inaction will only be punishing the Republicans. This election is important and before you sleep tonight, pray for our country and pray for our future President.