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Kid Falls Asleep During Pres. Obama Speech

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I have a tendency to fall asleep like this, so I could see this happening to me one day. This really has nothing to do with president Obama, it could have been anybody speaking and the kid would’ve probably fallen asleep, its just funny. Then again, if this speech was anything like some of the questions we’ve heard the president answer at town halls, I could see it getting a little boring.


The Union Needs Jobs, Not Broken Promises

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“It begins with our economy.” Those are the words that I, and I suppose a whole lot of Americans, wanted to hear in President Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address. The overall tone of the speech seemed a bit deflated. It was self-deprecating at times, as he tried to be more personable and appeal to the American people as an empathetic president. Given those slight differences, there was not much that separated this from past speeches. He played the blame game and used the usual Obama style. As many have pointed out, this was not the speech that he wanted to give. I imagine he wanted to be saying something a little like this; we closed Gitmo, we passed meaningful health care reform, we passed cap and trade, unemployment did not go above 8 percent and we are on our way to a speedy recovery. That, however, was not the case.

On his promise to close Gitmo he’s not come through, though I don’t see the need to close down the prison other than to appease the left in America and around the world, it aids me in making a much larger point. Health care reform as we know it today looks pretty dead, though I’m skeptical. He pleaded for people to take another look at the bill, but I think its on the back burner for a while. He seems more focused on the economy and job creation, something that probably should have happened months ago.

“Now, the true engine of job creation in this country will always be America’s businesses. But government can create the conditions necessary for businesses to expand and hire more workers”

Does he get his own message? Cap and trade doesn’t seem to be around in the near future, but it was mentioned in the speech, and it is still a fresh reminder of what this administration and the Democrats in congress have in mind. That, being the desire to create more bad regulations and a bad job growing environment, with bad “conditions,” through job killing legislation like cap and trade, trains to nowhere and “green jobs.” Which happily leads us to the issue of unemployment, where things have not gotten better or stayed the same, they’ve actually worsened. And while there have been some “saved” jobs that doesn’t account for all of the ones that were not saved and isn’t very consoling, all things considered.

I know that we were hit with a major economic crisis and the President is not the only one to blame for this mess. The “worst since the Great Depression,” I know all about that, if I have to hear that saying again, I’m gonna explode. But here is the much larger point that I mentioned earlier. I think many people walked away from their television sets tonight thinking one thing, “is anything going to get done?” And by “anything” I mean something that actually has substance, instead of the rhetorical message and symbolic appeasement to the American left that we saw throughout the first year of this administration. Gitmo, health care, cap and trade and green jobs, are all big ticket items of the leftist agenda, when put together they are not the issues that make up the vast majority of this center-right country.

What the president has to prove is that he is willing to go beyond the empty talk and symbolism and try for real bipartisanship, not the arrogant “we won, you lost” message that we had to hear for the last year from his administration and congress. How is there even any room for bipartisanship with that attitude? It is not bipartisan to say join us or die, we have a mandate. It turns off the American people, and it did just that throughout the health care debate.

Were there things in the speech that I liked? Sure, there were some, but far too few for me to jump up and down and be happy. The president starts talking about nuclear power and I’m supposed to be happy about that? Ordinarily I would be. Maybe a year ago, had he brought this up, I would have been happy. But now, the completely symbolic president that is Barack Obama is going to have to prove to me that he is willing to practice what he preaches in regard to real bipartisanship and completing actual work.

School Kids Sing Obama A Song “…all are equal in his sight” (Video)

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Commentary later tonight, just watch.

For the full story click here.

President Speaks To Kids and Why It Was a Touchy Issue

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So I am watching to the speech that President Obama gave to the students of America. I haven’t seen anything come out of him, so far, that sounds bad. I imagine by the time I am done with this post I will be done with the video, and it will stay the same till the end.

After talking to some people and listening to what the media had to say I’ve formed an opinion. Let me tell first that my opinion changed based on what has transpired.

First I heard that this was some kind of indoctrination speech by the leftist President Barack Obama, and I started to believed it. Then I heard that we should wait it out and see what happens, and I did that. So I heard two different opinions, coming from the same medium, conservative talk radio.

On this blog I like to think that what I write about should show you what I think deserves mentioning. But I also think that what I don’t cover on this blog reveals a lot about what I am thinking deserves attention. I didn’t present an opinion because I was still hashing out all the different approaches that were running through my mind.

Let me say that at first I was a bit worried. One must remember that information about this speech came out on the heels of the “I pledge” video that was put together by all of the Hollywood lefties. And in this particular video they pledged that they would be of service to Barack Obama. So when the idea of the speech and the pledge video were put side by side it looked like the speech was going to resemble the video, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with each other.

And rightfully so, it did sound a bit strange to have kids write letters to themselves about how they can help the President, as opposed to writing a letter about how they can help the country. I found that a bit odd and tended to think that it sounded arrogant. Then they changed the wording and made it a lot more generic.

Now that I’ve seen the video I’ve made up my mind. For the Department of Education to say that teachers should encourage parents to write a letter to themselves telling them how they will help the president, is strange to me and I would not like my child to do such a thing. That said, I highly doubt that President Obama is sitting in the White House saying how much he’d like to indoctrinate these kids, I would venture to say that he had nothing to do with this whole issue of writing the letter to yourself.

After finishing the video I can honestly say that I saw nothing that was left or right about the speech. It was actually pretty good and it left me feeling good, much like his election victory speech.

I think this was a “teachable moment” for parents. For parents who disagree with the president you should show that you can give respect to those with whom you differ. For parents who agree with the president, this was yet another time for you to watch your president, I’m sure you enjoyed it.

McCain’s Sacrifice and Obama’s Mistake

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In an earlier post I said that McCain was hurt during the primary season by further right individuals, because he was not one of them. On the other hand Obama was loved by nearly every far left man, woman and child out there. There wasn’t a college campus at last semesters end that wasn’t bubbling over with excitement because Obama was the likely nominee.

I think the primary should’ve been about sacrifice for Obama, something that his campaign didn’t do when he was running against Hillary. They both ran on far left progressive ideas. Obama and Clinton had to fight to the death, and in the end, whoever won that fight would have to trek back up a large mountain to the political-center.

McCain made the right move, he scarified his base in the primary election. Obama was not presenting himself as a centrist, he was pandering to the far left anti-bush crowd, they made a lot of noise, but that’s not America. McCain on the other hand, didn’t really have to pander to the center-right crowd because he is center-right. He won the nomination on the authentic premise that he has the ability to work with everybody in congress and I think that he can do that.

The second right move that McCain made was picking a good running mate. He had to pick someone that would energize the conservative base, because he had to neglect that further right base in order to win the nomination. And because of this so-called “deep bench” on the republican side, with people like Romney and especially Bobby Jindal, he could pick a person that would stir up the pot. Enter Sarah Palin.

For weeks before Obama picked his running mate Republicans were on edge, because an Obama-Clinton ticket would’ve been a bad thing for the Republicans. I remember I was in a restaurant when it was broadcast, at about 10 p.m. my time (another bad mistake on Obama‘s part), that Biden was Obama’s running mate and I shrugged my shoulders and harbored no fear. Republicans were actually happy that Obama had picked Biden and I don’t blame them. I said earlier that I didn’t know that much about him, but I found out after about 15 minutes on Youtube that he was no threat at all.

The third good move that McCain made, that Obama messed up on, was picking a running mate without a critical history of the parties nominee. In other words, I think Romney was probably always off the table solely because he ran against McCain in the primary. There would’ve been to much material that the Obama campaign could use against a McCain-Romney ticket because of all the bickering that took place between Romney and McCain. Obama picked Biden who ran against him in the primary and Biden used a lot of the same lines that the Republicans are using today with regard to Obama’s readiness to be the President.

And now we have do deal with the Democrats new line, that Palin is only “a heartbeat away” from being President, as if McCain is going to drop over dead or he only has a few more of those heart beats left. This is still a play on McCain’s age and I doubt it will work. The Obama campaign is attacking Palin far more than the McCain campaign is attacking Biden and this can only mean one thing, she is a threat.

Obama made a mistake by following the far left cries for change and not seeing that there is a sleeping giant in the middle of this country. Its called America and it clings to religion, because when push comes to shove, they look to God for support, not the United States Government.