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The Joel Gaines Show 2-14-10

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After a bit of a break from the blogging world, I am back and still suffering from writers block. As I work out my new sleep and exercise schedule, which to my blogging demise means I have to sleep more and be away from the computer more. That said, here’s yesterdays ep of The Joel Gaines Show the Valentines edition.

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What Joel is talking about this week:

Let’s take a look at the state of the American economy. I have some sobering news for you on this front.

As the health care takeover begins to crumble, congressional democrats are starting to point fingers – who do you think they are going to blame? We’ll discuss one of the scapegoats today.

Global Warming AKA Climate Change – another Obama initiative on the ropes – is in tatters world-wide as fewer drink the Kool-Aid.

I would like to take an opportunity to agree with George Will today – I’ve been at odds with him on a couple of topics, but let’s take a look at the DC School Choice initiative and compare their attitude towards that with their approach to health care reform. I think you will find this interesting. As we will expose the hypocritical nature of the American leftists.

Iran is claiming to be able to enrich uranium at 80% with an investment to make that higher in the near future


Joel Gaines Show 11-29-09 (Audio)

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So, it appears the long needed ramp of forces to Afghanistan is going to happen – but I want to talk a little about why it was difficult for this administration to come to this decision.

What did President Obama do on Thanksgiving?

Jeff Jacoby says conservatives have it wrong on Illegal Immigrants – I’ll tell you about his misperception, but I agree with some of his points.

Let’s see how you feel about this. Senator Lieberman on Public Option in Healthcare.

Eric Holder regrets his choice of words related to race relations in America.

Joe Klein thinks it is too early to judge president Obama on his mistakes – why is this?

The Joel Gaines Show 8-16-09

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August in a non election year is typically a very slow, non-political time. But we are not seeing this with the Obama administration.

Arizona is reporting the effects of a 2006 voter initiative regarding services to illegal immigrants.

The Deficit – which is a leftist talking point about how terrible President Bush was, grew by 181 billion in July and is now higher than at any time in history.

In a very Putin-like move, a very soviet- like move, Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia involved himself in the Ukrainian presidential elections.

And finally, will there be a big 1994 – like upset in congress in 2010? My thoughts on that today as well.

Joel Gaines Show 7-26-09

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Rebrand the party!? How about rebrand the leaders!

President Obama has acted stupidly – he has inserted himself in a local law enforcement matter in Cambridge Mass – and for all the wrong reasons – and I want to weigh in on that.

And then – Despite the President’s assurances that his healthcare bill will cut cost for Americans and cover more Americans, the Congressional Budget Office sees it differently.

Marijuana laws and law enforcement – let’s take a look at some frustration in states where there are lax pot laws. If you are a proponent of legal dope, you are just ASKING for bigger government. I’ll tell you a little about that.

And – there are calls from all over the leftist blogosphere for the Democrats in congress and across American to start acting on their majority. Act LIKE a majority.

Life Is Busy

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My life is crazy right now, I am moving into another house. Regular work is crazy and all the side work is pretty insane as well. Oh by the way, if you get a chance visit and check out the show I am producing.

I have some things coming up it just takes a while when your life is insane.