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The Joel Gaines Show 2-14-10

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After a bit of a break from the blogging world, I am back and still suffering from writers block. As I work out my new sleep and exercise schedule, which to my blogging demise means I have to sleep more and be away from the computer more. That said, here’s yesterdays ep of The Joel Gaines Show the Valentines edition.

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What Joel is talking about this week:

Let’s take a look at the state of the American economy. I have some sobering news for you on this front.

As the health care takeover begins to crumble, congressional democrats are starting to point fingers – who do you think they are going to blame? We’ll discuss one of the scapegoats today.

Global Warming AKA Climate Change – another Obama initiative on the ropes – is in tatters world-wide as fewer drink the Kool-Aid.

I would like to take an opportunity to agree with George Will today – I’ve been at odds with him on a couple of topics, but let’s take a look at the DC School Choice initiative and compare their attitude towards that with their approach to health care reform. I think you will find this interesting. As we will expose the hypocritical nature of the American leftists.

Iran is claiming to be able to enrich uranium at 80% with an investment to make that higher in the near future


The Joel Gaines Show 1-31-10 (Audio download)

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My job on the show is to make it all work on the sound end and occasionally ask a stupid question. Anyway, here’s the “on tap.”

Republicans are hopeful for another Senate seat, this one possibly coming from President Obama’s own state of Illinois.

HLS Secretary Napolitano is being criticized by Top Democrats of the House Homeland Security Committee.

North Korea is back in the news, demanding a formal end to the Korean War – we’ll cover that.

The Senate has raised the US debt Limit – again – let’s take a quick look at that.

Let’s take a look at the state of the union address and offer a few comments on that as well.

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The Joel Gaines Show 1-24-10

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Just so you know, the information on the show was written by Joel, I’m not Joel.

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Some surprising news today about me (Joel) and the American National Political Scene – I think those of you who have followed me over the years will find my announcement unbelievable – to say the least.

Health Care – what is the latest – I mean we took a few weeks off and they still have not got the thing signed into law.

There was a special election in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. Now many of you know what the outcome was, but what does it mean?

President Obama’s bank proposals are not getting much acclaim in the G20 and Wall Street has responded very negatively as well. Let’s talk about this issue and see if we can solve it here.

What is the Democratic Party’s major worry in 2010 plus Campaign Finance laws in 24 states are impacted by a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Joel Gaines Show 11-29-09 (Audio)

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So, it appears the long needed ramp of forces to Afghanistan is going to happen – but I want to talk a little about why it was difficult for this administration to come to this decision.

What did President Obama do on Thanksgiving?

Jeff Jacoby says conservatives have it wrong on Illegal Immigrants – I’ll tell you about his misperception, but I agree with some of his points.

Let’s see how you feel about this. Senator Lieberman on Public Option in Healthcare.

Eric Holder regrets his choice of words related to race relations in America.

Joe Klein thinks it is too early to judge president Obama on his mistakes – why is this?

Joel Gaines Show: Oct 25 and Nov 1 (Audio)

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November 1

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Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona is leading a charge in the senate over yet another high priority issue of the Obama administration – this one involving Russia.

We talked last week about the unplanned visit VP Biden made to soothe our allies that the Obama administration threw under the bus recently. This is about the missile defense plan which was trashed, then recreated by the Obama administration.

They’ve run into some problems with the new plan.A couple items on healthcare today – including a statement by Joe Lieberman that might surprise you.

Dem Senator Baucus took a look at the senate’s global warming bill and said he had serious reservations about backing it – even as President Obama praised the bill –what’s the rift?The question is being asked – when will President Obama visit Afghanistan or Iraq?

October 25

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The Chief of the CBO says Cap and Trade would slow the economy – umm duh.

Wages for 2009 are making their steepest plunge in 18 years as the stimulus program is working – according to VP Biden and Pres Obama – exactly as planned.

Shocker! Iran has not met a deadline for responding to an offer for other nations to enrich Iran’s uranium.

And Russia may soon be inspecting US missile sites.

Plus I thought a missile shield was a bad thing to this administration? If that’s true, why are they now building one after killing the Bush era plan?

Told you last week about the polarity within the Democratic Party on healthcare. Watch this grow. I will tell you a few other things going on around this issue

The National Debt is rising – congress is going to have to make an adjustment to what is allowable by law.

Joel Gaines Show 9-27-09

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Iran – and a two year old Institute of Common Sense Conservatism I told you so – but there is more to this story than meets the eye or is being reported by the media.

Also with regards to Iran, what is going to be the approach here? What ramifications does this situation assume for an Obama presidency?

Let’s talk about some of the recent amendments to the Obamacare bill in the Senate. What’s this thing shaping up to look like?

Some more damning information about ACORN and how your money gets spent by this community organizer organization.

The Joel Gaines Show 8-16-09

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August in a non election year is typically a very slow, non-political time. But we are not seeing this with the Obama administration.

Arizona is reporting the effects of a 2006 voter initiative regarding services to illegal immigrants.

The Deficit – which is a leftist talking point about how terrible President Bush was, grew by 181 billion in July and is now higher than at any time in history.

In a very Putin-like move, a very soviet- like move, Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia involved himself in the Ukrainian presidential elections.

And finally, will there be a big 1994 – like upset in congress in 2010? My thoughts on that today as well.