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C.S. Lewis on Subjectivism and Politicians, Dennis Prager on America

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One could make the case that the United States is a few generations behind Europe when it comes to how far to the left we’ve moved. After two brutal wars during the first half of the 20th century it seems that Europe thought the best way to never again be in that situation was to pacify itself and embrace collectivism. In America, it was different, we were aiding the Europeans in the World Wars, and it wasn’t effecting us at home to the degree that it was effecting Europe. We didn’t have men blown to bits in our neighborhoods as did the Europeans.

America had her moments, in the latter half of the 20th Century, internationally we had to deal with the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and both wars in the Middle East among other international conflicts. We also had our share of economic and political woes. That has had some of the same effects that the first half of the 20th Century had on Europe, and now we are finally realizing this. As Dennis Prager has said on his show earlier this week we are seeing the results of the seeds we have sewn, the chickens are coming home to roost.

C.S. Lewis had the opportunity to live in Europe during the first half of the 20th Century. And if one believes that we are becoming more European, as I do, then I think that it is appropriate to look at Lewis’ view of the world from time to time and apply it to ours here in America. I think you will find Lewis’ comments on the politician interesting.

The quote that I’d like to highlight comes from an essay entitled “The Poison of Subjectivism” which came from (I am assuming a magazine) Religion in Life Vol. XII which was released in the summer of 1943.

I’d like to preface the quote by giving you Lewis’ explanation of subjectivism and another excerpt from the essay.

“It does not believe that value judgments are really judgments at all. They are sentiments, or complexes, or attitudes, produced in a community by the pressure of its environment and its traditions, and differing from one community to another. To say that a thing is good is merely to express our feeling about it; and our feeling about it is the feeling we have been socially conditioned to have.”

Does that not sound like something that someone might be taught today by their first grade teacher, a professor, some parents or even some churches? Morality doesn’t exist, it is merely something that is a result of our society. They tell you that you need to find “your truth,” you need to find what you think is right and wrong.

“Many a popular ‘planner’ on a democratic platform, many a mild-eyed scientist in a democratic laboratory means, in the last resort, just what the Fascist means. He believes that ‘good’ means whatever men are conditioned to approve. He believes that it is the function of him and his kind to condition men; to create consciences by eugenics, psychological manipulation of infants, state education and mass propaganda. Because he is confused, he does not yet fully realize that those who create conscience cannot be subject to conscience themselves. But he must awake to the logic of his position sooner or later; and when he does, what barrier remains between us and the final division of the race into a few conditioners who stand themselves outside morality and the many conditioned in whom such morality as the experts choose is produced at the experts’ pleasure? If ‘good’ means only the local ideology, how can those who invent the local ideology be guided by any idea of good themselves? The very idea of freedom presupposes some objective moral law which over arches rulers and ruled alike. Subjectivism about values is eternally incompatible with democracy. We and our rulers are of one kind only so long as we are subject to one law. But if there is no Law of Nature, the ethos of any society is the creation of its rulers, educators and conditioners; and every creator stands above and outside his own creation.”

That is where America stands today. You have a congress and a president that arbitrarily decide what your “rights” are. They tell you that you have a “right” to “health care,” yet they prohibit you from freely exercising your “right,” and force you to accept something whether you want it or not, doesn’t sound like liberty to me. And the reason why they have the hubris to do such a thing is because they do not believe in an objective moral law, or a Law of Nature. They believe that your rights are given to you by the state. They believe themselves to be what Lewis calls the “conditioners.” They believe that they know better than you, that you cannot be trusted with your money or your freedom.

They throw money at state education, and science, and they believe themselves to be the ones that are to be looked to when there are problems in the country, and sadly they often are by people that think they actually have something to offer them. Why do you think that the administration didn’t address the jobs issue and create a job friendly environment over the last year? Think, if more people went to work more people would probably have health insurance, and if more people had health insurance through their employer they would have had a weaker case. So, they took advantage of the jobs crisis, and they put forth many types of legislation that do anything but create a job friendly environment. Cap and trade, nationalization of the student loan industry and the health care bill are all sure to be private sector job killers as opposed to private sector job creators, because they all burden the taxpayer and the people who are supposed to employ the taxpayers.

Now that you have some context, the next quote, the quote that really caught my eye, will make a lot more sense.

“While we believe that good is something to be invented, we demand of our rulers such qualities as ‘vision’, ‘dynamism’, ‘creativity’, and the like. If we returned to the objective view we should demand qualities much rarer, and much more beneficial – virtue, knowledge, diligence and skill. ‘Vision’ is for sale, or claims to be for sale, everywhere. But give me a man who will do a day’s work for a day’s pay, who will refuse bribes, who will not make up his facts, and who has learned his job.”

-C.S. Lewis

Sadly, many of our rulers lack virtue, knowledge, diligence and skill. They have not done a day’s work for a day’s pay in quite some time, they all take bribes and make up their facts. This is not a ridiculous call to vote everyone out of office, this is a call to vote people in that know why America is great, and that is as Dennis Prager put it in his latest column, because with a small state the “individual can be free and great.”


Liberty Isn’t A Four Letter Word

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Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Sheehan, and Kevin Spacey. That is a list of celebrities and activists that have recently (within the last couple of years) visited with the totalitarian leftist known as Hugo Chavez. The man that rails on oil tycoons, yet rules one of the most oil rich countries in the world, effectively controlling its oil. Maybe I’m wrong but it kind of seems like he plays both the tycoon and president in this instance.

Not only are we now seeing protests in Iran, now we are seeing smaller protests in Venezuela. This, because the Chavez regime plans to shut down a television station critical of his presidency.

Filled with one common desire, a hatred for former President George W. Bush, Penn and Chavez seemingly became fast buddies two years ago, as they made their way through the Venezuelan country side. Chavez, who pals around with the oh so wonderful Fidel Castro, refused to renew the license of Radio Caracas Television in 2007 because they were anti-Chavez. Now he plans to the same to the station Globovision by using regulatory measures. Please read that again people, regulatory measures. That is why I despise Sean Penn and his ilk, because they go to these totalitarian countries that have leaders (AKA dictators) that can’t even take a little criticism from their own media.

Regulatory measures, sounds a bit like the fairness doctrine now doesn’t it. Yet these progressives in our country claim that all of our ills can be blamed on one thing, a lack of regulation. In the name of “fairness” we will silence those with whom we disagree. In an age where information is constantly flowing we need fairness? I don’t think so. This is a power struggle people, if they are not trying to take over the media, they are taking over companies. The government now has a 60 percent stake in GM and has taken 30 billion of your tax dollars and injected it into GM to get it on its feet again, you now own GM and you didn’t even ask for it. Chavez jokes “Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right.”

Now they plan to do the same thing with your “health care,” or what really should be called health insurance, and take more of your money via cap and trade in the name of saving the planet from climate change. Again this is a power struggle, and Washington is not just sticking its fingers into the private sector, its grabbing the private sector by the neck and choking it to death, and you will foot the medical bills for the poor thing.

First take health insurance. The free market is based on competition, what do you think will happen when the government is offering the American people at an unrealistically low and uncompetitive price? People will undoubtedly flock to the cheaper option, forcing the private health insurance providers to raise their price just to stay alive, essentially pushing them out of business. And the old adage you get what you pay for strongly comes into play here. Quality anything is not cheap.

Now to cap and trade. Please tell me who pays for taxes that are enforced on companies? The consumer. The consumer has always and will always pay for any tax or regulatory measure imposed on a private company. That rule applies to this new 1,000 plus page bill that Nancy Pelosi wants passage on. You must understand this. If companies are going to be penalized and have to pay for the carbon that they emit into the air, you, the consumer, will end up paying for that penalty. Even Warren Buffet understands this. And is this a good thing to be doing to the American people when they can hardly pay the bills right now? No.

As for Sean Penn and people like him, they are supposed to be the ones fighting imperialism here. They are supposed to be the ones on the side of what, liberty? Why don’t you ask today’s Venezuelan protestors if they have liberty. Penn, you were wrong about Chavez. You did a good job narrating Dog Town and Z Boys and you are a fairly good actor, but you have a screw loose, and I don‘t feel like writing about you any more, you’re not worth my time.

In no way am I saying that President Obama is the next Hugo Chavez. While Chaves’ Venezuela is not a mirror image of today’s America, its too close for comfort.