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Debate: Lee Doren vs. Bob Witeck

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In an attempt to post more things that get my attention, here is a good debate that I watched.


The “Right” To Health Care

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I watched last night as Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, who had an almost sickening aura about her face, exclaimed that health care is a right, not a privilege. And the government will now, by force, make sure that you exercise your right to health care. But the last time I checked our rights are to be freely exercised.

I don’t see anyone from the federal government telling you that you have to speak, that you must use your 1st Amendment rights. I don’t see anyone from the federal government telling you that you must own a gun and that you must exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. Why then is there a difference here, when it comes to the supposed right to health insurance? The only logical answer is that Nancy Pelosi is wrong, that health insurance or as it is mistakenly called these days “health care,” is in fact not a fundamental right. We constantly hear about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but forcing someone to buy something is in direct conflict with liberty.

The government can now force you to buy health insurance, but it doesn’t mean that as a result the government can keep you healthy or even alive for that matter. That my friends is your job. It does mean that you are now forced, at gunpoint, to buy something, whether you want it or not.

And this is a right? No, it is an entitlement. It is one more thing that we can now add to a long list that keeps the less fortunate dependent upon the state, not independent from the state. We used to live in a society where we were expected to work for ourselves, to freely better ourselves and the people around us. It was a system that said that if you were doing good, the people around you will benefit from that good, provided they have the same desire to work hard. We now live in a society where we are expected to work, to have our money stolen, all to better the people around us, or to not work and benefit from those who choose to do what we won’t. It is a system that discourages the hard workers and that encourages dependance. At what point do the driven among us decide that it is too much, that they can no longer carry the burden?

On the one hand they ridicule the “greed” of the business world, they wrongly call the drive to succeed what it is not. On the other hand they know that that drive to succeed, that many of us have, that they call “greed” is not going away anytime soon. So what do they do, they take advantage of those who do the most in order that those who do the least can benefit. They surround it in moral terms and they play to your guilt and your desire to just have someone else do the dirty work of taking care of the poor and less fortunate. That latter part is not greed, it is laziness, something that must be remedied apart from government.

As this dependent class grows, as they push out the individual and turn the individual into an economic cog in their machine, the ability of the leftist politician to get the vote of that dependent class becomes easier. They no longer have to offer up bribes in order to get elected, they can just point the finger at their opponent that wants to take away your entitlements or what they call your “rights.” And we now see that the insatiable desire for power is actually not wielded by the “greedy” businessman or corporation, but by the greedy politician. And the myth that was perpetuated by the leftists, that says equality of result is more important than equality of opportunity, has now left everyone equally sharing in the hardships of life. We will find ourselves in the situation our ancestors were once in, that every government eventually gets to, provided there is enough time. A place where we will be forced to relinquish our freedoms and survive under the ultra powerful state. A place where instead of trying to make things good for ourselves, we find ourselves on our knees or in the fetal position, over taxed, over regulated and overwhelmed by the power of the state.

We are not there yet, they are still bribing the voters with promises of “free” this and “free” that, but every step that the ultra greedy government takes towards gaining more and more power we find ourselves becoming subjects as opposed to citizens. Some will just shew this away as right wing rhetoric, but I think that it is the truth of the matter. We have the ability to fight as government greed drives the growth of government, as they try to take over more and more of our lives. The best thing that you can do to help is to elect the people that are opposed to what this administration is doing, and when it comes to health insurance that is every single Republican. Next, we can be defiant, we can make sure that the states influence in our lives is small. Stay close to your family, friends and church. Work within the church or give to churches and independent organizations that help the poor and less fortunate among us. We can help individual people when we see that there is a need. If we can work hard to put people in government that are not going to take over our lives, and if we freely work hard to live lives that are not dependent on the government we can beat the greedy, power hungry people that want to take our freedom.

Prager U: “The Bigger the Government…” (Video)

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Prager University video on government.

Health Charities That Don’t Exist

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I’m a bit upset. Today I looked on the web for a non-government health organization that accepts donations, much to my surprise I couldn’t find one. There was the VA Hospital, which is part of the government, but other than that I couldn’t find anything to donate to.

What does this tell me? It tells me that as a country we have failed to act on the behalf of those who need help. As a result of our lack of action the government is making its way into the health insurance business, and that makes for a very bad situation for any charity work done in America.

One thing that I did see, that was both inspiring and troubling, was a good number of charities that help impoverished people from other countries. This was inspiring because it showed that people have a desire to donate and to help other people. It was troubling in that I didn’t find very much of anything that would go to helping the people of the United States and local communities.

But what can one person honestly do? That is the question that I am faced with right now. We know that there is a problem. Even though we have the best health care in the world, there are some flaws, and we do need some kind of reform. But I’d like to see the people stand up and give freely of themselves instead of just telling the government that they can steal more of our money and do it how they see fit.

What would a good charity look like? First of all it could not be nationwide, unless it was all under the head of one organization that served the needs of individual communities and money that was given from a community stayed in the community it came from. It would have to be a local operation, something that could take care of the needs that certain places have.

We should really start talking about this. It is important that we take care of the people of our community and not allow the government do it instead. Please comment if you know of any charities in Tucson, that specifically address health care, that I could donate too. Otherwise comment and tell me what we can do to create an organization to remedy this problem.

Baucus Bill Not Online

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The AP reports that the  Baucus bill that will eventually become law will not be online. They know what happens when that put the actual bill online, the people actually read it, so it appears that “conceptual language” will have to do. I don’t think so.

AP- Senate Finance Committee Democrats have rejected a GOP amendment that would have required a health overhaul bill to be available online for 72 hours before the committee votes. Republicans argued that transparency is an Obama administration goal. They also noted that their constituents are demanding that they read bills before voting. Democrats said it was a delay tactic that could have postponed a vote for weeks.The Democrats noted that unlike other committees, the Finance Committee works off conceptual language that describes policies — instead of legislative language that ultimately becomes law, and which the GOP amendment would have required. Democrats accepted an alternate amendment to make conceptual language available online before a vote.

Here’s a thought, what if the Senate Finance Committee decided to “change” their ways?

Admin To Make Obamacare A Moral Issue?

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Supporters of Obamacare want to see it turn into a moral issue, and it looks like President Obama and his administration going to do just that. They say they want to make an appeal to the religious left “tailored to the groups’ moral emphases.” I already went over the qualms that I have with the “religious left” in my post about the morality of Obamacare. I think turning this into a moral issue is a huge mistake for the administration.

For years conservatives have lived and died on moral issues. Morality and religion is the conservatives home court. Not only is the left not used to fighting issues based on morality, they are going to find it hard to fight on the side of morality for the same reasons that conservatives find it hard to back up their moral shortcomings.

Won’t it look a little contrived if all of the sudden the administration starts turning this into a moral issue and throwing out all kinds of moral rhetoric?

From The Wall Street Journal:

The president is expected to present a more emotional appeal during a conference call Wednesday with liberal religious groups. A senior White House official said the message would be tailored to the groups’ moral emphases, although he cautioned the president’s message to religious groups may not herald a broader shift in themes.

“This is such a technical issue, it’s easy to get bogged down in the weeds,” said Dan Nejfelt, a spokesman for Faith in Public Life, one of the groups scheduled for the Wednesday call. “It’s important to have a voice saying, ‘This is about right and wrong. This is about honoring faith.'”

Again, I will ask the great moral question about Obamacare. Is it virtuous and good for a society to, at gunpoint, have money taken away from its people to help those in need? I find nothing virtuous about wealth redistribution. It is not a good thing for society, it hurts society, creating less givers, more takers, and a whole lot of angry and unhappy people. Unhappy people, who either can’t get the money or care from the government that they wanted to get because it will be rationed. And angry people that are seeing their hard earned money taken away by the federal government. It is a loose-loose situation, whereas charity is not.

There has to be a better way than government take over. The free market works by creating incentives and making commerce easier. We do not have that in America right now. We should at least try to fix what we have now before we start turning everything upside down. Until we’ve done that, at least tried, via allowing insurance to be sold over state lines and tort reform, I see no need for an overhaul and nationalization of the system.

How about the president gives a call to the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, and have him formulate something that works. Because even his UK employees, that have nationalized health insurance, want HSA plans because it provides the employee more options via health care.

The fight is not over people. This president is known for his good branding abilities. He will take the message and repackage it, change the definition of some words and make it look new and better, when its nothing more than the same old thing. Don’t fall for it.

Meet The Mob

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I wanted to post this video predominately because it is from Tucson. If you want proof of what happens when you have government that sticks its paws on everything, look no further than Tucson Arizona.