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Macho Sauce Productions: Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats

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The Joel Gaines Show 1-31-10 (Audio download)

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Click here to download the show.

My job on the show is to make it all work on the sound end and occasionally ask a stupid question. Anyway, here’s the “on tap.”

Republicans are hopeful for another Senate seat, this one possibly coming from President Obama’s own state of Illinois.

HLS Secretary Napolitano is being criticized by Top Democrats of the House Homeland Security Committee.

North Korea is back in the news, demanding a formal end to the Korean War – we’ll cover that.

The Senate has raised the US debt Limit – again – let’s take a quick look at that.

Let’s take a look at the state of the union address and offer a few comments on that as well.

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Conservative Nihilists?

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I’m pretty sure that when I started to write this one there was some kind of philosophical idea or something that I was trying to convey, but it just turned into a bunch of words, not really accomplishing the goal of being concise, so I started over. Ever happened to you? Well its bound to.

For the last couple of days I’ve just been reading multiple blogs and columns and not really posting anything. I think after sitting for eight hours at work thinking and hearing about politics drains me, then when I get home and try to write something nothing comes out. But that’s enough about me, on to other stuff.

Republicans in congress, conservatives and libertarians alike all stood fast against most of what the current administration is proposing. And it seems that they are making a new name for themselves. Conservatives are being labeled nihilistic and anarchistic by left wing pundits. The question that we’re forced ask is whether this stems from the conservatives desire to go against the Democratic party establishment or bad their legislation. I can tell you for sure that it is the latter. Right now the Democratic party is the party of big government and Republicans just simply can’t stand for that. The other problem that the Democratic party has, is a lack of unity. The Republicans are almost 300-esque, standing strong against the left wing Obama administration.

The leftists in the party are running the show and the more conservative congressional Democrats, who are concerned about re-election, have been forced to fight with them. How does this look to the American people? Not good. Especially when you’re looking at the party that is supposed to be run by the “post-partisan” and “not a Washington insider” president and all there is within the party is partisan bickering and behind closed doors Washington insider politics.

It is now the job of Republicans to start coming up with solutions and presenting them to the American people. If Republicans refuse to do that I believe that they too will be on the ropes. We cannot stop fighting, we have to continue to take the message of small accountable government to the people.

Last week was probably the best week for conservatives that I’ve ever seen, mostly because I’ve only been politically active for a short period of time, but still, it was still awesome. Lets hope that we can keep the fire burning and not let victory go to our heads.

Juxtaposition: Left vs. Moderate Democrats

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Yet another interesting juxtaposition.

Democrats who thought a vote against the sweeping health care package would inoculate them from political attack are facing serious blowback from angry constituents and interest groups on the left — fierce opposition that could prove as consequential as anything Republicans could have thrown at them.

For some of the 39 House Democrats who opposed the bill, there are protests outside their offices and promises of retribution. For others, there are attempts to shut off their campaign money spigot. Still more are about to get drilled in a television ad campaign paid for by Democratic donors.

What they’ve all discovered is that there’s no safe harbor when it comes to the $1.2 trillion measure that the House passed Saturday

Darcy Burner, executive director of the American Progressive Caucus Policy Foundation, said the anger over the vote was a natural outgrowth of the value liberals have placed on the health care push.

“I think, for the most part, the Democrats who voted ‘no’ on the health bill and who are getting heat deserve it,” said Burner.

Will write about this later.


DNC (The Defeatists National Convention)

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So Sen. Obama’s VP pick is Joe Biden. I’m one of those young voters out there, but surprisingly I am not going to vote for the most popular guy among my young friends. I suppose that’s how I’ve always been, I mean my favorite things to listen to are Sinatra and Dylan, I guess I’m just an old soul, so the old guy isn’t all that bad to me.

To elaborate on Sen. Obama’s choice, I have to say that I honestly don’t know that much about the guy. Thankfully in the internet age it doesn’t take much Youtube searching to find out that much of what he believes counters what I believe.

If you watch the news at all, your going to hear that Biden is the best choice for Obama because of his foreign policy expertise. Just as I heard another reveal, that this is an admission by the Obama team that he is weak on foreign policy. Well, if Biden is a guy with such a great foreign policy record, why did he, along with Obama, continually call for Vietnam era foreign policy when it comes to the surge strategy in Iraq? A policy that says if your getting beat, we (Washington politicians who are not on the ground) know what is better than the generals who are actually guiding and fighting the war. So Biden’s alleged strength in the foreign policy area remains about as weak as Obama’s, because of their lack of good judgment in regard to the troop surge in Iraq. They were not willing to even give it a chance before they called it a failure. Here is video of Biden, only a year ago, give it about 30 seconds before you hear the defeatist mentality.

(I had a video of Biden talking about the surge)

All of this is coming on the heels of this week, nearly a year after the Petraeus hearings in September of 2007, a week that produced a much different story in regards to Iraq than that of a year ago. When I go back and watch the Petraeus hearings last September and I see Biden questioning the general on military operations in Iraq, I can tell that Biden is completely banking on the surge being a failure, and the U.S. running into the same problems that we ran into through out the whole beginning of the Iraq war. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we screwed up for the first half of the operation and the surge was a way to fix what we screwed up and win. And what happened when they were wrong? Well Obama still won’t admit that he got it wrong, but nonetheless, they get a chance to become president and vice president. And now for the next week, during the Democratic convention, we get to hear praises of Biden’s foreign policy, when he and Obama continue to have the same opinion on the surge. The surge that now might have made it possible to start bringing our troops home in victory and not defeat.