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Liberty Isn’t A Four Letter Word

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Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Sheehan, and Kevin Spacey. That is a list of celebrities and activists that have recently (within the last couple of years) visited with the totalitarian leftist known as Hugo Chavez. The man that rails on oil tycoons, yet rules one of the most oil rich countries in the world, effectively controlling its oil. Maybe I’m wrong but it kind of seems like he plays both the tycoon and president in this instance.

Not only are we now seeing protests in Iran, now we are seeing smaller protests in Venezuela. This, because the Chavez regime plans to shut down a television station critical of his presidency.

Filled with one common desire, a hatred for former President George W. Bush, Penn and Chavez seemingly became fast buddies two years ago, as they made their way through the Venezuelan country side. Chavez, who pals around with the oh so wonderful Fidel Castro, refused to renew the license of Radio Caracas Television in 2007 because they were anti-Chavez. Now he plans to the same to the station Globovision by using regulatory measures. Please read that again people, regulatory measures. That is why I despise Sean Penn and his ilk, because they go to these totalitarian countries that have leaders (AKA dictators) that can’t even take a little criticism from their own media.

Regulatory measures, sounds a bit like the fairness doctrine now doesn’t it. Yet these progressives in our country claim that all of our ills can be blamed on one thing, a lack of regulation. In the name of “fairness” we will silence those with whom we disagree. In an age where information is constantly flowing we need fairness? I don’t think so. This is a power struggle people, if they are not trying to take over the media, they are taking over companies. The government now has a 60 percent stake in GM and has taken 30 billion of your tax dollars and injected it into GM to get it on its feet again, you now own GM and you didn’t even ask for it. Chavez jokes “Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right.”

Now they plan to do the same thing with your “health care,” or what really should be called health insurance, and take more of your money via cap and trade in the name of saving the planet from climate change. Again this is a power struggle, and Washington is not just sticking its fingers into the private sector, its grabbing the private sector by the neck and choking it to death, and you will foot the medical bills for the poor thing.

First take health insurance. The free market is based on competition, what do you think will happen when the government is offering the American people at an unrealistically low and uncompetitive price? People will undoubtedly flock to the cheaper option, forcing the private health insurance providers to raise their price just to stay alive, essentially pushing them out of business. And the old adage you get what you pay for strongly comes into play here. Quality anything is not cheap.

Now to cap and trade. Please tell me who pays for taxes that are enforced on companies? The consumer. The consumer has always and will always pay for any tax or regulatory measure imposed on a private company. That rule applies to this new 1,000 plus page bill that Nancy Pelosi wants passage on. You must understand this. If companies are going to be penalized and have to pay for the carbon that they emit into the air, you, the consumer, will end up paying for that penalty. Even Warren Buffet understands this. And is this a good thing to be doing to the American people when they can hardly pay the bills right now? No.

As for Sean Penn and people like him, they are supposed to be the ones fighting imperialism here. They are supposed to be the ones on the side of what, liberty? Why don’t you ask today’s Venezuelan protestors if they have liberty. Penn, you were wrong about Chavez. You did a good job narrating Dog Town and Z Boys and you are a fairly good actor, but you have a screw loose, and I don‘t feel like writing about you any more, you’re not worth my time.

In no way am I saying that President Obama is the next Hugo Chavez. While Chaves’ Venezuela is not a mirror image of today’s America, its too close for comfort.