New Local Tucson Blog

I’ve started a local version of eXrai, I call it eXrai Tucson, I know, real original. There is a lot going on locally in Tucson and I think that it is a good idea to start blogging on some of the issues that Tucson faces, events that are happening in Tucson and what I think are some of the ways that we can make things happen in Tucson.

This, like my original eXrai blog, will be a politics and news oriented site that comes from a conservative Christian perspective. If you live in Tucson for any amount of time it won’t take you long to start to see that it is not really the most conservative city in the world. Tucson is a university city and we also seem to attract a lot of the lefties that couldn’t imagine living in Phoenix that still want to live in the desert. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have our conservative areas, it just means that we are to the left of neighboring Phoenix.

This blog will probably be updated less than my national news oriented blog, I’m hoping to update about twice a week, probably after I do my news shifts at work on Thursday’s and Friday’s.

I will also hook this up to Town Hall Tucson, a community blog that my boss Doug started a while back for Tucsonans to share their opinions. There is a bit of a problem, they use Blogger and not WordPress, so I’ll have to create a Blogger account and try to find a way to syndicate this blog over to that site, I might start using Windows Live Writer to do that.

I will also find other creative ways to get the word out on this blog.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope that I can make it work.



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