The “Right” To Health Care

I watched last night as Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, who had an almost sickening aura about her face, exclaimed that health care is a right, not a privilege. And the government will now, by force, make sure that you exercise your right to health care. But the last time I checked our rights are to be freely exercised.

I don’t see anyone from the federal government telling you that you have to speak, that you must use your 1st Amendment rights. I don’t see anyone from the federal government telling you that you must own a gun and that you must exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. Why then is there a difference here, when it comes to the supposed right to health insurance? The only logical answer is that Nancy Pelosi is wrong, that health insurance or as it is mistakenly called these days “health care,” is in fact not a fundamental right. We constantly hear about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but forcing someone to buy something is in direct conflict with liberty.

The government can now force you to buy health insurance, but it doesn’t mean that as a result the government can keep you healthy or even alive for that matter. That my friends is your job. It does mean that you are now forced, at gunpoint, to buy something, whether you want it or not.

And this is a right? No, it is an entitlement. It is one more thing that we can now add to a long list that keeps the less fortunate dependent upon the state, not independent from the state. We used to live in a society where we were expected to work for ourselves, to freely better ourselves and the people around us. It was a system that said that if you were doing good, the people around you will benefit from that good, provided they have the same desire to work hard. We now live in a society where we are expected to work, to have our money stolen, all to better the people around us, or to not work and benefit from those who choose to do what we won’t. It is a system that discourages the hard workers and that encourages dependance. At what point do the driven among us decide that it is too much, that they can no longer carry the burden?

On the one hand they ridicule the “greed” of the business world, they wrongly call the drive to succeed what it is not. On the other hand they know that that drive to succeed, that many of us have, that they call “greed” is not going away anytime soon. So what do they do, they take advantage of those who do the most in order that those who do the least can benefit. They surround it in moral terms and they play to your guilt and your desire to just have someone else do the dirty work of taking care of the poor and less fortunate. That latter part is not greed, it is laziness, something that must be remedied apart from government.

As this dependent class grows, as they push out the individual and turn the individual into an economic cog in their machine, the ability of the leftist politician to get the vote of that dependent class becomes easier. They no longer have to offer up bribes in order to get elected, they can just point the finger at their opponent that wants to take away your entitlements or what they call your “rights.” And we now see that the insatiable desire for power is actually not wielded by the “greedy” businessman or corporation, but by the greedy politician. And the myth that was perpetuated by the leftists, that says equality of result is more important than equality of opportunity, has now left everyone equally sharing in the hardships of life. We will find ourselves in the situation our ancestors were once in, that every government eventually gets to, provided there is enough time. A place where we will be forced to relinquish our freedoms and survive under the ultra powerful state. A place where instead of trying to make things good for ourselves, we find ourselves on our knees or in the fetal position, over taxed, over regulated and overwhelmed by the power of the state.

We are not there yet, they are still bribing the voters with promises of “free” this and “free” that, but every step that the ultra greedy government takes towards gaining more and more power we find ourselves becoming subjects as opposed to citizens. Some will just shew this away as right wing rhetoric, but I think that it is the truth of the matter. We have the ability to fight as government greed drives the growth of government, as they try to take over more and more of our lives. The best thing that you can do to help is to elect the people that are opposed to what this administration is doing, and when it comes to health insurance that is every single Republican. Next, we can be defiant, we can make sure that the states influence in our lives is small. Stay close to your family, friends and church. Work within the church or give to churches and independent organizations that help the poor and less fortunate among us. We can help individual people when we see that there is a need. If we can work hard to put people in government that are not going to take over our lives, and if we freely work hard to live lives that are not dependent on the government we can beat the greedy, power hungry people that want to take our freedom.


One Response to “The “Right” To Health Care”

  1. Fantastic writeup on “rights” versus “mandates”; When ever the Govt promises something to you, beware. They are actually talking about giving you a “monkey’s paw” which grants some wishes while taking even greater Liberties as a cost to us all.

    The “Right” to Amnesty, if it gives us the Tyranny of Democrat leadership, is no right to the average person–it is slavery.

    The “Right” to stop global warming (fraud) by “Cap and Trade” charges you for implementing their good feeling-money making schemes.

    They wish is to be drugged by their drug of Govt reliance, but we must reject their soft tyranny.

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