The People are Tired of Health Care Reform

Politics, what an interesting subject that is right now. The Democrats are trying their hardest to get something in the way of health care “reform” passed. They are having trouble bringing Democrats on board to vote on the bill. The far left Democrats are upset because the bill lacks the public option and conservative democrats are upset because it has abortion language they don’t like.

Republicans have stood strong and united in opposition to the bill. Right now there is not bipartisan support for this bill, there is bipartisan opposition. I know these are fairly basic talking points but that’s all we really can do right now, aside from calling and emailing our congressmen and women.

To be honest, I’m just a regular guy, a lot of these procedures are going over way my head and the process has become very confusing and convoluted. This is that “pig” that Sarah Palin spoke of during the election, and the Obama administration and the congressional Democrats have smothered it in lipstick. That could be one of the reasons why so many people don’t like what we now know as Obamacare. They are tired of a process that they are not really part of. They are tired of watching as the Democratic party acts based what is “historic” and “monumental.” Democrats are constantly looking out for their legacies and leaving the American people, the very people they represent, out of the picture.

Commentary on the current health insurance debate has become repetitive, and it seems a bit of a waste of my time and energy to write day in and day out about the same thing. I realize that my post quantity has been quite low these days. This is an interesting time in my life. I’ve just started going to a new church and I’ve been working a lot. Sometimes when I get home I just want to relax and that’s what I’ve been doing. I am going on vacation next week, but after I get back I will be back to posting almost every day and I am contemplating starting another blog that will deal solely with issues facing the Tucson area.


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