Tucson Crane 3D-Object in Google Earth

This post is for all of my fellow Tucsonans. To put it in context for people who might not know, Downtown Tucson is a mess. Have you seen that movie with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long called “Money Pit”? That is what Downtown Tucson is, a gigantic money pit. They’ve been attempting to renovate Downtown for a decade now and a decade later it is pretty much the same as when they started.

One of the staples of the Downtown redevelopment is the crane (seen in the picture) obviously something that is not supposed to be a permanent fixture of the Tucson skyline. Apparently the people who run Google Earth know how slow the city of Tucson is and they’ve included the crane as one of the “3D buildings” in the program.

I’m becoming more and more convinced everyday that the crane is more of a symbol or statement by the powers at be that action is coming and work is getting done. Its kind of like when you go to the doctors office and they take you from the main waiting room to the examination room where you are then forced to wait some more. The only difference here is that the doctor (the people who run Tucson) is not who you thought he was and you’ve really been locked into a sanatorium.


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