7 Words or Phrases I’m Tired of Hearing in Political Dialog

1. Populism and populist

Everyone and their mom wants to jump on to the populist bandwagon. A populist is “a member of the Peoples party.” I guess its supposed to mean that you are for the average Joe, the guy that gets up every morning, kisses his kids and heads off to work. It started with the emergence of Glenn Beck and his populist message and now lefties are saying that the president needs to become more populist and play on the anger of the average American.

2. Wall Street

Wall Street was once just a street in NYC, now it is synonymous with greed. It has become an insult to say that someone works on Wall Street. Wall Street is nothing more than a political pawn, which leads me to my next word.

3. Main Street

There was a time during the 2008 election that if I had heard the words “Main Street” one more time I would have to driven my car off a cliff. This, too, is a political pawn that they use to leverage support for programs or ideas. They divide Wall Street and Main Street, into a good guy/bad guy scenario and make you hate the bad guy, Wall Street, because generally speaking you are the good guy on Main Street. This also ruins Bob Segers song “Main street.”

4. Obstructionists

There’s not much to say about this one. The lefties are calling Republicans “obstructionists” because they don’t want to sign on to Obama and Pelosi’s leftist agenda. They are not fighting against what is happening in Washington simply because it is coming from Barack Obama, they are fighting it because they think its bad for the country.

5. Gate

Why does every big story have to have the word “gate” attached to the end of it. I know I’ve used it a few times, but its only to make things easier for people to recognize what I’m talking about. Is that why everyone else is doing it? I don’t think so. Its trendy, and I think we could do without it if we really tried.

6. Summit

It seems that any time the president encounters a problem he decides to have a summit. Job summit, health care summit and the ever so popular beer summit. Perhaps we need to have a summit summit to address the over use of summits.

7. Democracy

A lot of people right, left and center refer to America as a Democracy. It is important to note that we are not a Democracy, we are a Republic, they are very different. Please keep this word out of your vocabulary when referring to America. And note that Republic and Democracy are not interchangeable and they do not necessarily mean that they are associated with the republican or democrat parties.


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