Conservative Nihilists?

I’m pretty sure that when I started to write this one there was some kind of philosophical idea or something that I was trying to convey, but it just turned into a bunch of words, not really accomplishing the goal of being concise, so I started over. Ever happened to you? Well its bound to.

For the last couple of days I’ve just been reading multiple blogs and columns and not really posting anything. I think after sitting for eight hours at work thinking and hearing about politics drains me, then when I get home and try to write something nothing comes out. But that’s enough about me, on to other stuff.

Republicans in congress, conservatives and libertarians alike all stood fast against most of what the current administration is proposing. And it seems that they are making a new name for themselves. Conservatives are being labeled nihilistic and anarchistic by left wing pundits. The question that we’re forced ask is whether this stems from the conservatives desire to go against the Democratic party establishment or bad their legislation. I can tell you for sure that it is the latter. Right now the Democratic party is the party of big government and Republicans just simply can’t stand for that. The other problem that the Democratic party has, is a lack of unity. The Republicans are almost 300-esque, standing strong against the left wing Obama administration.

The leftists in the party are running the show and the more conservative congressional Democrats, who are concerned about re-election, have been forced to fight with them. How does this look to the American people? Not good. Especially when you’re looking at the party that is supposed to be run by the “post-partisan” and “not a Washington insider” president and all there is within the party is partisan bickering and behind closed doors Washington insider politics.

It is now the job of Republicans to start coming up with solutions and presenting them to the American people. If Republicans refuse to do that I believe that they too will be on the ropes. We cannot stop fighting, we have to continue to take the message of small accountable government to the people.

Last week was probably the best week for conservatives that I’ve ever seen, mostly because I’ve only been politically active for a short period of time, but still, it was still awesome. Lets hope that we can keep the fire burning and not let victory go to our heads.


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