I Guess This is Why I Live in Tucson

Sometimes I complain about living in Tucson, but it does have its perks. No, its not 4th Ave. or the ghost town that is Downtown Tucson, its mostly the natural beauty that Tucson has to offer. I recently went on a little outing and took some pictures of the Catalina mountains.

This is the view a little bit into the Finger Rock trail. I am by no means close to the end of the trail and I did not manage to make it up to the top this time, but what I did see was quite amazing.

This is the view looking up at one of the many rocky mountains on the Finger Rock trail, I do not know the name of this specific ridge or rock, although it is enormous.

This is me standing at the bottom of a wash bed that intersects with the trail. As you can see there are a lot of Saguaro cactus’s behind me.


One Response to “I Guess This is Why I Live in Tucson”

  1. Rome Johnson Says:

    I left Tucson when I was 18 via the military to see the world and find a better place to live.
    I have been to all 50 states, lived in 7. Been to many countries and lived in Europe.

    There is no better place on earth than Tucson!

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