I Can’t Believe I’m Defending Harry Reid

I can’t believe that I am about to defend Harry Reid. For the life of me I can’t understand why all conservatives aren’t using this as a moment to show just how much we don’t care about race, that we trust the American voter and that we are more than party hacks and opportunists. Some are approaching this issue correctly, but some are just downright wrong.

What did Harry Reid actually say? He said that Barack Obama has a better chance at winning because he doesn’t have a black accent and he is a lighter skinned black American. That is not Harry Reid being a racist, that is Harry Reid pointing out a truth about Obama’s race and style and an indictment of America, basically saying that America is a racist country. I think that he was right about Obama and wrong about the country.

Everyone seems to be reversing the situation here with the “what if a republican had said that?” line. As I wrote in an earlier post, we all know what would happen, the republican would be forced to quit his job and he’d probably be exiled to a desert island. Okay, maybe not that last part, but we all know that he would be skewered by the democrats and the leftists that make up the democrat party. But does that mean we have to be like the leftists? No!

Lets reverse the situation again, but this time look at it introspectively. What if a republican had said something like this? What would I think about it as a republican? I wouldn’t care! I might think he was wrong about American identity politics, but I wouldn’t care overall. I am then forced ethically to not take the politically opportune route and malign someone for having an opinion.

Again, I understand that leftists are a bunch of hypocrites, that point is not lost on me. Conservatives should point that out till the cows come home. But leftist hypocrisy and Reid resigning are separate issues. Republicans asking for Harry Reid to resign over this doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t like playing by leftist rules, mostly because the politics of the left are so despicable that I can’t imagine sinking to their level, obviously there are some out there that don’t mind.

What conservatives need to do is leave it up to the Nevada voter. Reid was already doing bad in the polls. Why republicans and conservatives are wasting their time trying paint him as a racist and get him to resign is amazing to me. We all know that Reid will not resign, Obama and Reid along with all of their democrat party colleagues need to stick together and have a united front to continue to ruin our country.


One Response to “I Can’t Believe I’m Defending Harry Reid”

  1. Rome Johnson Says:

    Interesting point of view. I mostly agree!
    I think maybe the overblown Republican/conservative interest on this issue with Reid may help in prompting the Nevada voters to vote for someone else.

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