Hey Republicans! We Should Practice What We Preach

Yesterday news broke that Harry Reid made some comments during the 2008 elections about then candidate Barack Obama being “light skinned” and not having a “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” As far as I’m concerned Reid didn’t say anything that isn’t true and he didn‘t say anything that was really all that bad. Did he choose his words poorly, sure, but don’t we all?

Today Republicans John Cornyn, Jon Kyl and Michael Steele have all called for Harry Reid to resign, a move that I just can’t back. They’re all right in asking the question, what if a republican had done this? We all know that if a republican said something like this every leftist would be up in arms and they would call for a resignation. But that’s because they’re leftists. We republicans really need to decide if this is a battle that is worth waging. In the short run, maybe, it might be worth it in a symbolic sort of way, but I have my reservations. In the long run, I think this is a mistake.

I am not in favor of the over sensitive society that we currently have. Reid was already having problems in the polls prior to this news and I imagine that trend would have continued despite the controversy. Conservatives are supposed to be the ones that are against political correctness, not the enforcers of it.

I realize that there is hypocrisy on the left. They wanted Trent Lott out for saying something that they deemed inappropriate, now Harry Reid does something very similar and they kiss and make up, I get that. Get this, we’re not the left! Are we not supposed to be above this? Why, all of the sudden, do we insist on playing by their rules?

You want to know what makes me mad about the whole thing, the fact that we once again had to endure this canned “I‘m sorry” “I accept” routine. Whether its celebrities or politicians, they all do it. They apologize and make up and we all get to watch it happen knowing that they’re just going through the motions to maintain their image. Its Harry Reid we’re talking about here, he may be some pretty bad things, but he’s no racist.

Pointing out hypocrisy is one thing, turning into a hypocrite in the process is a totally different ball game. The problem with our society is that we want to have standards, but we don’t want to apply those standards to ourselves. In the game of politics we need to learn, if the other team stinks, let them loose the game on their own.


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