Its Raining Iguanas

I can imagine Johnny Carson coming out from behind his colorful curtain and asking the crowd a question that only Johnny would’ve asked.

“Do you want to know how cold it is?”

To which the crowd would respond with an enormous yell, “How cold is it?”

And Johnny would say “It’s so cold that frozen Iguanas are falling from the sky!”

I’m not sure that would be the greatest joke in the world. The only thing that makes it funny, is that its real. No I am not lying, aside from the falling out of the sky part, its more like trees.

From The AP:

It was so cold in Florida, freezing iguanas were seen falling out of trees. Experts say the cold-blooded reptiles become immobilized when the temperature falls into the 40s and they lose their grip on the tree.

The sadder side of cold weather.

Authorities said four people in Tennessee, one in Mississippi and one in South Carolina have died from the cold since the weekend. They included a man with Alzheimer’s who wandered out into his yard in Nashville and froze to death, and a homeless man found dead in a tent in South Carolina.

In Maine, a pilot died Monday after he reported ice buildup on the wings of his small plane and it crashed into a river channel. Searchers were also looking for an 18-year-old snowmobiler who disappeared on New Year’s Day. And in Wisconsin a 7-year-old boy died when he fell through ice into a river while sledding with friends.

I won’t let this turn into a rant on global warming, though it does raise questions. Like, would it be better or worse in a warmer climate?


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