Brit Hume on Christianity, Many Miss the Point

Brit Hume is not one of Fox News’ controversial political analysts. Out of what I’ve seen of Brit he doesn’t really stray to far from straight up political analysis. And now were are seeing him all over because he recommend that Tiger Woods turn to the Christian faith for forgiveness.

I wasn’t even going to address the issue until I saw that it was picking up some steam and people are not too happy with Brits recommendation. I ran into a compilation of links on This Week they put together reactions to Brits comments, and it seems that people are vastly missing the point.  Here’s just one example.

A short editorial from the Boston Globe:

“Tiger,’’ Hume said, addressing Woods, who wasn’t in the studio, directly, “turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.’’

Yes, but commitment to Christianity couldn’t prevent Bill Clinton from dallying with an intern, Senator David Vitter from contracting with prostitutes, and Senator Larry Craig from being arrested for solicitation in a men’s room, amid thousands of other examples.

Christianity and other major religions provide solid ethical frameworks, but that’s not enough. Whether one is Christian, Muslim, or Zoroastrian, staying faithful to one’s spouse is a test of character, not faith.

I agree with this writer, Christianity would not have prevented Woods or any other person from cheating, but with all due respect, I don‘t think Hume said anything that even resembles that point. He was addressing redemption and providing an example of a religion that offers it.

The hypocritical Christian seems to be a major sticking point for Hume’s detractors. But I, a Christian myself, happen to agree with these people, I’ll always be the first one to point out that the biggest problem facing Christianity is the Christian. This is not a new argument, even the Bible says that everyone has fallen short of the glory of God, we‘re sinners, what would you like us to do stop sinning? Unfortunately that is a no-can-do. Thankfully, Christianity is about grace and forgiveness.

I should point out that This Week did compile a fair and balanced set of editorials and blogs. Go to This Week to read the rest of the blogs.


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