Changes in 2010

I have some changes in store for my blog in 2010. I am coming up on two years of blogging at and I am pleased with what I’ve been able to accomplish. It wasn’t until the summer of 2009 that I decided to really get serious about providing a lot of good content for the reader. I started finding out what other bloggers do and mimicking them to bring you good content and get you to come back to my site.

Next year some things might change. I am going to try and move more of my attention to theology and religion, instead of just politics, though politics will still be a major part of my site. Politics is becoming tiresome and it seems that there are a lot of problems within the Christian church and within Christianity as a whole that need to be addressed, I hope to do that.

I am also looking into expanding into other mediums. I like writing, but I want to present the reader with more engaging material. It will more than likely be in the realm of audio. And in the near future I’d like to redesign my site and make navigating the site a better experience. I’d like to thank the readers for visiting my site and giving me a reason to continue doing this.


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