LOL! Alan Grayson ROTFL!

A lot was said about today about Sen. Alan Grayson’s STFU comment on Hardball with Chris Mathews. Mathews stays true to his “old media” self  and Grayson comes off as if he just got out of an intense flame war on a forum. If you don’t know what STFU means, even after watching the video, search for one of those dictionaries that helps parents decipher their child’s text messages and it will be there.

In all seriousness, I’m not to troubled by the whole STFU remark, only because I don’t really expect very much out of Grayson. His remark about Bush 41 seems to have been stagnating in his head for about a month, he was just waiting for a TV appearance that he could unload the burden of such a lame joke, supposing it was funny, guess he thought Hardball was that place. There’s this thing called news cycles and I’m pretty sure that one has passed Mr. Grayson.


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