Life After Climategate

After Climategate things are different, a message that doesn’t seem to resonate with climate change believers. In their mind it never happened.

The Nation’s Christopher Hayes writes of climate change “there are some distressing signs about the drift of public opinion on the issue.” One might think that given everything that has happened in regard to Climategate that story would be a centerpiece of this article. And if you‘re expecting it, don‘t hold your breath.

The premise of the article revolves around polling data that shows that many peoples concerns over “climate change” or “global warming” are declining. Though, as of now, the article points out that a majority people support cap-and-trade legislation. This presents us with a question, in the midst of declining belief in climate change among Americans, will this legislation pass?

Allow me to digress. I brought up the Climategate issue for a reason. Everything from here on out that is muttered about global warming or human caused catastrophic global climate change must be looked at through a skeptical lens, as it should have to begin with. We must take into account the developments that have come to light. I hate to tell people this, but these emails have greatly discredited anything that you say about climate change, global warming, and climate science all together. So anytime someone say’s “look right here, its in this book!” or “some scientist said this” it seems a bit pointless, because when your scientists lie and your books are based on their science, you loose credibility.

That said, in Hayes’ article he seems to be bit skeptical over the messaging campaign that democrats and activists have taken. He say’s “capping of carbon has been sold, both by Democratic lawmakers and progressive activists–that is, as a bill that seems to have nothing to do with catastrophic climate change.” He then points out that they are selling this as a job creation tool.

This brings us to a point that Hayes made earlier in the article, one that I’ve heard from other people in the past, people aren’t thinking about climate change, they are thinking about jobs. Now, while I agree with the idea that people want jobs, it seems laughable to think that cap-and-trade will do anything to help spur job creation. Hayes doesn’t disagree with the premise that the legislation will create jobs, “cap and trade will create strong incentives for innovation in an economy that badly needs them and will begin re-engineering the fossil fuel economy in a way that will surely create net job benefits.”

When will people wake up from this dream? Putting a cap on production is supposed to open up more jobs? I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing that anything that caps production will result in anything but job loss and higher prices for the consumer.

And the very fact that Hayes can even write this last part, addressing climate change skeptics, troubles me:

It’s maddening that a well-funded industry of contrarians continues to wage a monstrous campaign of deceit, that the simple facts have to be fought for every day. But they do. “Climate change is happening,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said at a recent briefing. “I don’t think that’s anything that is, quite frankly, among most people, in dispute anymore.”

If only it were so. You cannot pass a climate bill without talking about the climate. So starting with Copenhagen, the large, unwieldy coalition committed to making sure we don’t do catastrophic damage to our fellow humans around the globe needs to make sure we put climate back at the center of the climate debate.

“A monstrous campaign of deceit”! He can’t be talking about his own people, can he? Of course not! A well-funded campaign of deceit is exactly what skeptics are up against. The truth is that if the climate “scientists” don’t get the results that they want and need, they will loose funding. Seems like a pretty good reason to get people afraid and a good reason to change/hide data.

Hayes fails to adequately address the issue of Climategate within this article. And that seems to be the move that many believers are willing to take. If we just ignore it, it will all go away. I’m sorry to break it to you, but this is not going away, and if they want to ever regain prominence and respect they must address this issue.


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