Maddow on Psalms 109:8 and an Angry Christian

There’s a group of idiots that are apparently putting the verse Psalms 109:8 on merchandise and selling it. The items being sold say, “Pray for Obama Psalms 109:8” the verse reads “Let his day’s be few; and let another take his office.” Rachel Maddow reported the issue on November 17th. She asks if this creeps anyone out, and I say yes it does, though not for the same reason that it might “creep” Rachael out.

First of all, Maddow goes on sarcastically talking about how the merchandise is on all sorts of crazy things like mouse pads and Teddy Bears. I’d like to let anyone that doesn’t already know, that the logo is plastered on an empty space much like they do with a green screen. It is not like there is a small factory filled with radical fundamentalist Christians printing Psalms 109:8 on to a stuffed bear and a mouse pad and taking pictures of it to show their work. It is more than likely a large corporation, like Vista Print. They print out thousands of stupid gimmicky things everyday and with the power of computers they have the ability to allow buyers to see what it might look like on a certain item. To mock the producers of this ridiculous product because it is on a Teddy Bear or on a decorative tile is beside the point.

I definitely have a problem with the people that decided to create the merchandise, but its not that I’m afraid of scary Left Behind reading evangelicals. Its what the makers of the items have done that makes me mad. It is absolutely ridiculous to even imply that you want the Presidents day’s to be “few.” First, there is one thing that really annoys me, and that is when the Bible is taken out of context. That is exactly what these people are doing and frankly it makes me sick. Second, using the Bible as a way to imply that the President have his day’s be “few” is wrong. Third, these people do not represent the mainstream Christian view and we should not let anyone start thinking that or even imply that. This kind of stuff is not evidence of an upsurge of Christian extremism. This is an example of man’s desire to make a fast buck, nothing more.


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