Left on Left Battle

After the 2009 elections last week and Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman lost to Democrat Bill Owens in NY-23, many were saying that the Republican party is nothing more than the party of the extreme right. The very fact that most Republicans decided to go against what the RNC wanted and stuck behind Hoffman became fodder for the left.

They tried to paint the Republicans as a party of fringy freaks that don’t have any intentions of moving towards the center. Little did they know that the leftist machine, that had seemingly taken a break after the election of Barack Obama, would be on the move once again. This time they wouldn’t be attacking Republicans, instead it would be Conservative Democrats in their cross hairs.

It’s a commendable feat they’ve accomplished, galvanizing their troops and waking up to fight against what they see as an injustice. It makes for what Captain Hook might call “a good and worthy opponent.”

The anger comes after Democrats changed the House bill and put tight regulations on public funding for abortion. A move, that had it not happened, would have more than likely prevented the bill from passing in the House.

So now we are looking at an interesting situation. What leftist commentators were excoriating is happening in Democrat party. Many of the pro-life House Democrats that were in favor of changing the House bill are now the target of pro-choice groups, leftist blogs, and leftist organizations that want to see conservative Democrats change mind or loose their job. Hoping that they can persuade Senate Democrats not to follow in the footsteps of their buddies in the House. And if that doesn’t work, they want to see the bill killed.

Its interesting now that the White House and Congress are loosing support left and right, on the left, as they continue the trend of doing pretty much nothing. This has led to Nancy Pelosi and other further left individuals taking the reins and shaping policy and in an effort to get the health care bill passed they made a mistake. They gave in to conservative Democrats. Now liberals angry about Maine’s gay marriage ballot initiative and Dems rolling over on abortion want to see their money being used in a way that advances their progressive agenda. They feel that the only thing it advances is Conservative Democrats.

So now the White House and Congress is faced with a choice. Do they favor the Progressives and advance their agenda or do they favor the Blue Dogs and prevent any public funding for abortion. If they let the liberals have their way they get funding and support, but they loose support from Conservative Dems. If they go the other way and take out public funding for abortion, they possibly get a bill passed and they possibly loose some support from progressives.

I think they go with the latter, only because they want to try to get this bill passed, they need this bill passed. But for me, a Conservative, that doesn’t go far enough. I don’t want to see the bill passing, as it is now or without public funding for abortion, at all. I’m rooting for the conservative Dems to stand strong and the Progressives to kil the bill, maybe just maybe our opponents will make prevent Obamacare from passing.


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