The People Want Work, President Wants Health Care Reform

If I had a Nickel for every time I was told that the President can do what ever he wants because “he won” I’d be a rich man. The whole idea of giving President Obama “a chance” is now over. He had his chance and he made his choice. That choice had to be between appeasing Nancy Pelosi and the left wing of congress or working with Republicans and appealing to the center of the country, and he chose the former. Not only did he choose to bow down to the left wing, he let them take the reins, and now more moderate Democrats, who are more fiscally conservative, are a bit worried that they will not have a job if they are tied to Obama policy.

It was announced today that unemployment has hit the 10% mark and that only leads me to believe one thing, the distraction of health care reform is doing nothing to create jobs. Despite what the administration is saying about job creation in relation to the stimulus package, it seems that it is not working. Unemployment rises and they tell us that we are on the right track with the stimulus package, I think the Obama administration is in a bit of denial. The economy is Obamas economy now, and it has been for a good while now. The economy was abandoned when the administration decided that it was in their best interest to go after health care reform, and the people are not happy about that.

I’d say that if the American people had to choose between having a job and having health care they would choose the job. But we’ve seen nothing coming from the White House that makes doing business in America look like a worth while endeavor. Cap and Trade? Does that look like policy that will spur job creation and increase productivity in America? No!

It is becoming increasingly clear to the American people that the Obama administration is going to use the economic crisis as a means to grow the federal government for as long as possible. Michael Gerson puts it correctly in his RCP column today. “By creating deficits unequaled as a percentage of the economy since World War II, by proposing to nearly triple the national debt in the next 10 years, by using the economic crisis as an excuse for the massive expansion of government authority over health care, Obama has become a polarizing figure.” At the end of the article he puts in nicely. “Now comes Obama’s largest test, which will determine the ideological atmosphere for the 2010 election. If the president — opposed by a majority of Americans, with almost no support from the other party — imposes an ideologically divisive health reform, it will smack of radicalism, reinforce polarization, and may cede the ideological center to Republicans for years to come.”

The President that wanted to end the polarizing politics of Washington and get rid of the worn out dogmatism of the past, is just as polarizing and just as dogmatic as anyone that has come before him.


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