No Shave November With The Presidents

It is “No Shave November” and I wanted to find a way that I could honor the month in a way that would blend politics and not shaving. So I’ve decided to honor United States Presidents that had facial hair. Here’s to the hope that we will once again see a President with a beard or any type of facial hair. Please don’t take any of the too seriously.

1. First up is Martin Van Buren. He doesn’t really have a full beard, but he does have some very large “Mutton Chops.”

2. Second, we’ve got good old “Honest Abe” the 16th President. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and was President during one of the most tumultuous times for our country, and he had a pretty good beard. This style of beard has now become synonymous with Abe, that’s why its awesome. Abe sports the classic “Chin Curtain” and he sure does wear it well.

3. Ulysses S. Grant might have been known for the victory over the South, but here and now he is to be remembered for his amazing beard. Grant has what is called the “Short Boxed Beard.”

4. Rutherford B. Hayes, do I really need to say anything about this mans facial credentials? Just look ant the grandeur of the beard he has. Its sort of a cross between a “Hollywoodian” and a “Van Dyke.” I like it!

5. James Garfield, yet another great beard as we make our way towards the end of the 19th Century. It seems there was a good amount of time that Presidents had beards. His beard is fairly similar to that of Hayes as far as style goes, it is a bit more kempt than Hayes.

6. Chester Allen Arthur has himself a set of “Friendly Mutton Chops.”

7. Grover Cleavland was a man of firsts. He was the first President to be elected and then re-elected after four years away from the White House. He was the fist to marry in the White House, don’t forget that the woman he married was only about 20 years younger than him. He was also the first to have a mustache without any chops.

8. Benjamin Harrison wore a “Short Boxed Beard” and did quite a good job of doing it. Maybe the beard compensated for what he lacked in height.

9. Theodore Roosevelt was the first of two Roosevelt’s and the first President in the 20th Century to have facial hair. He wore a good old mustache and he wore it proudly.

10. William H. Taft, there’s not much to say about Taft, other than he had a pretty good “Handlebar” mustache and he was the last President of the United States to have facial hair.

Almost made it:

There you have the Presidents with facial hair. Lets all remember this November to honor those Presidents that proudly wore facial hair, in hopes that one day we will see another.

For all of the beard name information click here.


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