The Ridiculous Fight With Fox and Obamas Obamamania

Fox News v. The White House, it’s a issue that I’ve yet to address, mostly because I haven’t been paying that much attention to cable news. You see, I don’t have cable because I‘m trying to save money, so unless I go to my parents house I can’t watch cable news. I will say this, this battle conjured up by the White House seems a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

Just look at this in light of all of the issues that this country faces. This is a point that I’ve heard many commentators make and one that has to be stressed. The President of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world, sees fit to really give it to them, to really let them have it, to show them what he‘s made of. If you thought the “them” I was talking about was Al Qaeda or the Taliban or maybe Iran you are sadly mistaken, its Fox News.

The President sees fit to flounder around and hesitates to make a decision on Afghanistan as the war gets worse. The President thinks that we need to talk with the moderate members of the Taliban, as the Taliban kills people left and right. If there are any moderates within the Taliban I fear that they lack the clout needed to make any changes, as I’ve said before, if it works, more power to the President, but I think it might be a mistake. And on the issue of Iran he seems to not mind that they are getting closer and closer to getting nuclear weapons. We have all of this happening right now, and that’s only on the foreign policy front, and the President is going after Fox News?

On the economic front we a loosing jobs left and right, jobless numbers are rising and approaching 10% and President Obama is telling the country that his $787 billion stimulus is working or has already worked. Lets just look at Arizona for a second, mostly because I live there. Job numbers created by the stimulus are dismal right now. It was supposed to create thousands of new jobs, but the only thing that has happened in Arizona is more and more unemployment. We’ve actually seen thousands and thousands of jobs lost in many areas of Arizona’s economy. There is so much unemployment that Arizona has to borrow around $600 million from the government or risk running out of unemployment benefits for the people of Arizona. If the stimulus is working, it isn’t working here. Yet last week the President was warring against Fox News?

Perhaps taking it to big bad Fox was an attempt to divert the American peoples attention away from the Health Care debacle and fire up his left-wing base. But we’ve seen nothing but the opposite, other news media outlets stood up for Fox after the White House tried to keep them from interviewing the pay czar, and the left is pushing back against the President telling him that they want him to stand up and grow a spine. So that couldn’t have been the case, did the President really think this would go over well with the American people? All of this facing our nation and he takes it to Fox News?

We saw what many people called “Obama-mania” a year ago and we had the privilege of seeing the historic election of the first African American President of the United States, something that I was very proud of. Now Obama-manania has all but died down and the only Obama-maniac left is Obama himself. It seems he is so angry, so desperate and so, dare I say partisan, that he comes off as an egomaniac because in the face of mounting hardship he takes it to a news organization that has political commentators that aren’t backing his every move. We can argue all day about Fox News and their coverage, but does it not seem just a little silly that this, of all battles that he could fight, is the one that he and his administration chose to wage?

The American people can only take so much rhetoric before they start demanding results, and that is what we are starting to see. Now more than ever more people are calling themselves Conservatives. Probably because while Washington seems to not have a problem with being fiscally irresponsible, the American people can’t afford to take that risk. And they know that they have it coming, its called the public option and cap and trade, which will, if passed, cause the government to grow to an extraordinary size.

Could it be that the people of this country just want to get back to work? I say yes. How about using free market principals to make improvements instead of government mandates. How about we start tackling one issue at a time as opposed to everything at once. President Obama, why don’t you stop fighting Fox News and start fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban. This is not meant as an attack, its meant as a suggestion. I suggest you start tackling the issues that people care about and stop ramming a leftist agenda down the throats of the citizens of this country. I say this only because your party is in for a rude awakening come the 2010 elections if you think that we will stand for anymore of this.

Cartoon credit goes to Cliftonchadwicks Blog.


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