Blog Finds: Week of 10-19-09

So I told all of you that I would read ten blogs last week and comment on five and post them for you. I’m sorry to say that the task was harder than I thought. So here’s what I’ve done, and here’s what I will continue to do. I’m not going to limit myself to 10, or, said in a better way, I’m not going to make myself read 10 and comment on 5. I will read some every week and report back here at the beginning of the following week.  I should also say that I am in no way looking for blogs that I agree with all of the time, it just has to spark my interest and be sincere, not extremely hateful or fringy, if it is I will warn you before linking. All of that said, here is my blog finds for the week of 10-19-09.

It’s a New Day Blog
Calvary Chapel of Tucson Robert Furrows blog.
This is a good blog. It is not a political blog, though he has a lot of good points for a Christian and their walk with Christ. He posts everyday and has good incite for those seeking deeper meaning in their relationship with Christ.
Visit again: Yes, as a Christian I will.
Add to blogroll: Again yes I will do that.
Rating: 4 out of 5

Paris is the Capitol of Rome
I found this blog while surfing WordPress tags. It was interesting, not my favorite place, but it kept me entertained for a while. Check it out if you wish.
Visit again: No
Add to blogroll: No
Rating: 2 out of 5

Pied Type
Another blog found surfing the tags. I saw that the post was about journalism and decided to read. I also commented on the post. It is an interesting blog. I read through some other posts and it seems that this blogger has an interesting take on things.
Visit again: I just might do that.
Add to blogroll: No, not yet.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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