Health Charities That Don’t Exist

I’m a bit upset. Today I looked on the web for a non-government health organization that accepts donations, much to my surprise I couldn’t find one. There was the VA Hospital, which is part of the government, but other than that I couldn’t find anything to donate to.

What does this tell me? It tells me that as a country we have failed to act on the behalf of those who need help. As a result of our lack of action the government is making its way into the health insurance business, and that makes for a very bad situation for any charity work done in America.

One thing that I did see, that was both inspiring and troubling, was a good number of charities that help impoverished people from other countries. This was inspiring because it showed that people have a desire to donate and to help other people. It was troubling in that I didn’t find very much of anything that would go to helping the people of the United States and local communities.

But what can one person honestly do? That is the question that I am faced with right now. We know that there is a problem. Even though we have the best health care in the world, there are some flaws, and we do need some kind of reform. But I’d like to see the people stand up and give freely of themselves instead of just telling the government that they can steal more of our money and do it how they see fit.

What would a good charity look like? First of all it could not be nationwide, unless it was all under the head of one organization that served the needs of individual communities and money that was given from a community stayed in the community it came from. It would have to be a local operation, something that could take care of the needs that certain places have.

We should really start talking about this. It is important that we take care of the people of our community and not allow the government do it instead. Please comment if you know of any charities in Tucson, that specifically address health care, that I could donate too. Otherwise comment and tell me what we can do to create an organization to remedy this problem.


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