And The Nobel Peace Prize Goes to “Hope”

When the ghost of Christmas yet to come visited Scrooge, the best part about his visit was that the future was there for him to change. President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize is a bit like the ghost of Christmas yet to come arriving on the scene and only giving him one option. Now the bar has been set just a bit higher for the President and the expectations for his presidency are high, I would assert too high.

What happens if his presidency is like his first 9 months in office? What if all of this nothing that he is so good at accomplishing continues to be accomplished? Pop-culture and the MSM are slowly seeing the light, and the American people have already been blinded.

Even the President noted that winning the prize was not recognition of his actions but more of a “call to action.” But what if that call to action is not heeded? What if the American people don’t want to move this country in the direction that he and the leftists in congress want to move it? What if in 2010 he looses some of that power that he has so unsuccessfully wielded for his first nine months?

I can tell you right now that the ghost of Christmas that must be has arrived and the future holds a large amount of let down for the leftists in America. We saw a glimpse of what that let down might look like when Chicago was the first city voted out in last weeks bid for the 2016 Olympics.

And the sick notion that the President has worked to rid the world of nuclear weapons, thereby allowing for more peace, is one that needs serious scrutiny. He has done nothing of the sort. Under this new administration we are now seeing a stronger nuclear Iran and a stronger North Korea. Countries that, if left alone or appeased, will do something that will most definitely result in war, not peace. We are loved by the European Socialists only because we have apologized for every wrong that the United States has committed dating back to 1776. We are feared by no one, including those countries that seek to blow our allies off the map, out of purely bigoted reasons, and here I thought the left was against bigotry. We are the country that now finds it necessary to talk with Iran, even though we knew that they’ve been building nuclear facility with evil intentions. And we find it necessary to announce that we are going to give the murderous thugs known as the Taliban a stake in the future in Afghanistan, out of the hope that some pacifist Taliban might step forward. And at the same time we don’t seek to destroy the evil group known as Al Qaeda, we only want to keep them “at bay.” I’m sorry to say it, but our country has now taken on the task of being the eunuch of the world, and it sickens me.


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