Sunday Show Clips and Commentary: Taxes, Government and Carter, Oh My! (Video)

So George Stephanopoulos, almost, kind of, in a round about way, asked the President a difficult question. Mandatory health insurance?  New taxes? Taxes on the middle class? Never!

One of the staples of the left and the President has been their ability to change words around. This stems from the idea that in the postmodern world everything is subjective, an idea that I find deplorable, but it is, nonetheless, prevalent on the left. Notice, he doesn’t adhere to what is thought to be an objective definition of taxes. He throws back his head in laughter, seeming to say, ‘George, come on, who uses those dictionary things anymore?’ What he does say is that rising premiums are “effectively” a “tax,” when that could not be farther from the truth. Premiums are not enforced by the government, therefore, not a tax.

Understand this, I must reiterate this point once again, nearly everyone is advocating that we do something about health care. We agree that we need some sort of reform, but please, please, please, stop pushing the lie that the those against the Presidents health insurance reform do not want something to happen, the debate is about what exactly that “something” is.

Once again the President has distanced himself from Carter and his vile attacks. But what really stood out to me was the claim that he doesn’t want to grow the federal government. Really, need I remind you of GM and your stake in that company, nah, that’s not growing the federal government. Maybe you’ll think back to the “cash for clunkers” program? You know, that time the government redistributed taxpayer money and then taxed it once again. Or maybe you’ll recall the stimulus package. The $787 billion in taxpayer money that is now apparently stimulating the economy. $8.5 billion of that very money was going to ACORN, a group that has now made a name for itself as an organization that will help you and your endeavors to get into the business of childhood prostitution, well unless of course they get caught, then its deplorable. Oh yes, I’m sorry, you said you were advocating “smart” government, maybe a government that looks into the organizations that they are sending taxpayer money to. “Smart government,” maybe a government that properly vets people that are going to work within that government I.e. Geithner, Daschle, Richardson, and Van Jones.

Note to readers, this is not to say that when Republicans were in power that the government was any smarter. All of the things that I’ve listed only underscore the fact that government is indicative of humanity, not perfect and often times not “smart.” We do not need a “smart” government, we need an accountable government, on every level. Yet the more power that the government takes from the people, by taking their money and spending it as it sees fit, the weaker the citizens become. Government is a necessary evil, the last thing I want is a “smart” government, I want a government that represents the people and is accountable to the people.

Correction: Just saw I wrote the wrong number in for the bailout, it was in fact not $830 billion, it was $787 billion.


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