On the national scale there are two events that changed my life. The first was the election of 2000, ever since that election I’ve had interest in politics to some degree, even if it just meant me watching the news on sick days. The second event that had a significant impact on my life was 9/11/01.

I was only a Sophomore in high school when it happened, but going to school that day was very surreal. The thing I remember the most was how beautiful a day it was in Tucson. It was a day that you wanted to be outside, it was a day with the sun shining bright and the weather was extremely nice.

The second thing I remember was the uncertainty that was imposed on us as young adults. Some peoples dads were now going to have to leave the state to tend to either an uncertain war or an uncertain clean up effort. We were extremely uncertain about whether or not that was the end or not.

Juxtapose the extremely nice day and the uncertainty and uneasiness that was in the air that day and it makes for in interesting feeling.

I started school very late because my school was experimenting with start times. So in Arizona I didn’t have to be at school until 9:40, that’s 12:40 in New York. My dad called my mom and woke me and my sister up after the first plane hit. At that time we didn’t even know that it was a terrorist attack, we just weren’t sure. I was awake and watched the second plane hit, that’s when we all knew. I continued watching it all morning until I finally had to be at school..

We didn’t hardly do any work that day, everyone was just coping, even though we were thousands of miles away.

The rest of that year seemed very strange. I had perhaps one of the best Thanksgivings I’ve ever had with my family. I think that it must have been the fact that we were all together that year and so many families were not, even though no one was willing to say that.

That’s all I can muster, my heart and prayers go out to all of those who are mourning today.


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