What Just Happened?

Obama Speech 1What just happened? That is what I’d like to know. Representative Charles Boustany of Louisiana is absolutely right. “The president had a chance, tonight, to take the government-run health care off the table. Unfortunately, he didn’t do it.”

There I was, almost thinking that he was going to have a change of heart, maybe take the public option off the table. But no, that didn’t happen, and when he finally got to that point in the speech where he revealed that he wanted to keep the public option, most of my optimism hit the floor.

Let me give him credit for addressing the issue of medical malpractice. That is an issue that needs to be dealt with and it seems that he is willing to do it. Lets hope that he is as resolute on that as he is in his efforts to keep the public option on the table. I was raised a skeptic, and I’ll always be one, that said, I’m skeptical.

Here is one of the many problems, and it’s one of the same problems that I’ve talked about before. If we already have two government run programs, that by the presidents own admission are not working efficiently and are full of waste, why give us another one? Is it going to be different this time? Will we all of the sudden see a government that can effectively run programs, that can effectively run anything? I should say not.

The same government that messed up Medicare and Social Security will mess up the “public option.” And for good reason, because this is not the governments job. The government does a very good job at not doing its job. And that is the very reason that the public option should not be in the bill. Until the public option is out of the bill republicans should not support it in any way shape or form.


2 Responses to “What Just Happened?”

  1. I’m confused. You’re saying that the public option should be taken off the table because of the problems in Medicare? Medicare certainly has its issues, but many people rely on it for their very survival. If not a public option, then what?

    If caring for people’s health is not the Government’s job, then what is? Are you suggesting that a for profit system is in people’s better interest? Let us keep in mind the word “option”. I can see the fear that comes from trusting the Government with your health. I get that. But since it is a voluntary program, why not let it exist? It could be good for those who can’t afford private insurance. I don’t use a lot of business in America, but I don’t wish them our of existence.

    What’s the real argument?

    • I would prefer more competition, open it up so people can buy insurance across state lines, that would end the problem of quasi monopolies in some states. It would also drive the price of insurance down because people could buy their own insurance. We need tort reform so doctors can practice medicine without worrying about lawsuits. We need to make it easy for people to donate to people in need. All of these are not full on solutions to the problem, but they are different than the public option in that all they do is change policy, they do not bring the government into the equation and they are common sense measures that allow the system to function more freely.

      Its not the Governments job to care for the peoples health. The job of the Government is to protect your God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That, however, is not a grantee that you will be healthy or have a healthy life. They are supposed to protect your ability to have life, that does not address the condition that that life is in healthwise. They are supposed to protect your liberties so you can pursue happiness and good health for that matter, which generally produces happiness.

      You do understand that they Government is not the same as a private company. They have power that companies do not. Are progressives not advocates of fairness and equality? How is it fair and equal to allow the government a spot in the market place. Yes it is a voluntary system, I’ll give you that one. But you do see that once the Government joins the market place and undercuts all of the insurance companies by providing cheaper insurance, small businesses and individuals will flock to the cheaper option, driving up the cost of the private insurers, killing jobs in the private insurance industry, and overtaking the system. A system that will have to be subsidized by the American tax payer, which will eventually lead to a single payer system. The government does not deserve a seat at the table, you do not let the refs play in a basketball game, they make sure the game is played right.

      Yes a for profit system works better. It spurs in innovation and gives the consumer a real choice. The problem that we have now is not too little regulation of the insurance industry, it is bad regulation of the insurance industry.

      The real argument is that once the Government keeps growing you as an individual loose your liberty.

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