President Speaks To Kids and Why It Was a Touchy Issue

So I am watching to the speech that President Obama gave to the students of America. I haven’t seen anything come out of him, so far, that sounds bad. I imagine by the time I am done with this post I will be done with the video, and it will stay the same till the end.

After talking to some people and listening to what the media had to say I’ve formed an opinion. Let me tell first that my opinion changed based on what has transpired.

First I heard that this was some kind of indoctrination speech by the leftist President Barack Obama, and I started to believed it. Then I heard that we should wait it out and see what happens, and I did that. So I heard two different opinions, coming from the same medium, conservative talk radio.

On this blog I like to think that what I write about should show you what I think deserves mentioning. But I also think that what I don’t cover on this blog reveals a lot about what I am thinking deserves attention. I didn’t present an opinion because I was still hashing out all the different approaches that were running through my mind.

Let me say that at first I was a bit worried. One must remember that information about this speech came out on the heels of the “I pledge” video that was put together by all of the Hollywood lefties. And in this particular video they pledged that they would be of service to Barack Obama. So when the idea of the speech and the pledge video were put side by side it looked like the speech was going to resemble the video, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with each other.

And rightfully so, it did sound a bit strange to have kids write letters to themselves about how they can help the President, as opposed to writing a letter about how they can help the country. I found that a bit odd and tended to think that it sounded arrogant. Then they changed the wording and made it a lot more generic.

Now that I’ve seen the video I’ve made up my mind. For the Department of Education to say that teachers should encourage parents to write a letter to themselves telling them how they will help the president, is strange to me and I would not like my child to do such a thing. That said, I highly doubt that President Obama is sitting in the White House saying how much he’d like to indoctrinate these kids, I would venture to say that he had nothing to do with this whole issue of writing the letter to yourself.

After finishing the video I can honestly say that I saw nothing that was left or right about the speech. It was actually pretty good and it left me feeling good, much like his election victory speech.

I think this was a “teachable moment” for parents. For parents who disagree with the president you should show that you can give respect to those with whom you differ. For parents who agree with the president, this was yet another time for you to watch your president, I’m sure you enjoyed it.


One Response to “President Speaks To Kids and Why It Was a Touchy Issue”

  1. Lefties, righties, how did we the people become so divided? I too was shocked at the resistance put forth about the President of our country speaking to our children? Are we really trying to shelter them that much? I mean, out of all the things we don’t want our kids to hear, why fight this one?

    It’s like there’s this movement to push people further apart. If we the people really want to fight against something, let’s fight to re-unite each other. Republicans and Democrats alike. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “A nation divided against itself cannot stand”!

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