Bloggers, I’d Like You To Meet The Press

Is the free flow of information on the internet bad for society? It sure appears that some of the panelists on “Meet The Press” thought so. Let me clear the air a little bit, I think a lot of what the panelists said was wrong, but some of it was right. There is a lot of junk news on the internet. But just because there’s a lot of bad reporting on the internet do we automatically discredit the internet? No, we discredit the bad reporters, by either not visiting their site or calling them out on it. Kind of like we did with Dan Rather and Memogate during the 2004 election. And Rather was on the CBS Nightly News, not some fringy blog on the internet.

One of the panelists said that we should tell our children to watch everything they do because it will make its way online, and I agree with that, you should be watching what you do, even if it wont make its way online. Where is this coming from? Should we now say to our kids, if its not going to be taped go ahead and act like an idiot, but if someone has a camera be ready and act smart? He goes on to sarcastically say that we should not “say anything controversial,” implying that because of the new information age your future job could be ruined by things you’ve said and done in the past that might be considered controversial. He’s right, and rightfully so. I don’t see why this man thinks that of these facts are so bad. Have you ever heard of reaping what you sew?

This whole conversation revolved around the Van Jones issue. Van Jones, the former clean jobs czar, was not merely saying what he said because it was “controversial,” he was saying it because he believed it, and there little proof that he has a difference of opinion today. When Jones signs a petition that states that our government was behind the attacks on 9/11 and calls members of the republican party foul names, he’d better be ready to back up his actions and statements. He believed the garbage that he spewed and still does. And even if he was just trying to ruffle some feathers, he should know that it could cost him his job. Sorry, we have to be responsible for what we do and say.

That is why when I am writing anything that the public will have access to, I make sure it is something I believe, and something I wouldn’t mind anyone reading at a later time. That is also why I hardly ever engage in name calling, give credit where credit is due and always pay respect where respect is due. Its called integrity, something that Jones was lacking.

Here is what the man on Meet The Press should have said. If you don’t want to be a target don’t make stupid statements. It is not a matter of refraining from saying something controversial, it is a matter of not saying something stupid. You are totally free to say anything you’d like if it is controversial or not, but you have to expect to be held accountable for your actions. We live in a new world where if you’re a public figure, you will be taped and it will go on the internet, be smart.

The problem in my eyes is the elitism that runs through the mainstream media. Just because you have a degree and are on TV all of the sudden I am supposed to believe everything you say? Sorry that’s not how it works.

Here is how I judge all of what I see and hear. If a news source has a track record of being right, I will gladly read or watch their content. To the mans credit we do need to instill our children with judgment in regard to the internet, and the government cannot do that, it should be a religious institution or the schools. But even more, we need to instill into our children good judgment in real life. If we can accomplish the latter, the former will come naturally.


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