Questions For Proponents Of Obamacare

Please don’t think I’m crazy for wanting answers to these questions. I know that sometimes people just get bad breaks and life doesn’t work out, but if you’re complaining about health care not being affordable yet every week you watch Mad Men on TNT or some show on HBO, I find it hard to show sympathy.

Questions I’d like to ask people that say they can’t afford health insurance:

For what reason do you not have health insurance?
There are many reasons why people choose to not partake in any health insurance program. That’s about it for this question.

Do you want health insurance?
It is fair to ask if someone really wants health insurance or not. Some people simply don’t want health insurance because they can’t afford it and they have good health.

These questions are for people that want health insurance but can’t afford it:

Do you have a TV? If so, do you have cable or satellite?
Cable and satellite services cost a lot these days. I would be willing to bet that a lot of people that want the public option have cable and big screen TV’s and are not willing to get rid of it to save money.

Do you have a computer? If so, do you have high speed internet?
Yet another thing that is somewhat of a luxury, and like cable TV the high speed internet costs a lot.

Is your favorite drink soda, coffee, and alcohol or all of the above? How often do you buy such items?
These products are not beneficial to the body. They also cost a lot. This is a double whammy, stuff that is not healthy and costs a lot of money should not have any place in your house if you cannot afford health insurance.

Do you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco? If so, how often?
The same goes for cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Make a decision, do you want to spend your money on overly taxed cigarettes and chew or would you like to spend it on health insurance?

Do you regularly exercise?
Exercise is good. The best part about exercise is that it’s free and it helps keep the body in shape.

Do you regularly eat out? If so, what, do you eat fast food or fancy restaurants?
Both options are not good for you. Fast food is not good for your health, with all of the grease that they use in fast food it is harmful to the body and does not do it any good except temporarily fill it. Fancy restaurants, even restaurants like Applebees are expensive, and you have to pay for the tip. Stay away from these places, visit the grocery store and cook your own food at about 1/3 the price of a sit-down restaurant. Plus when you cook your own food it is often times healthier.

Do you go to church? Have you contacted your church about maybe getting some financial help?
Church’s have been helping the needy for centuries. You should join a church and see if they can help you get back on your feet.

Are you in debt? If so how many credit cards do you have?
Debt is something that hurts many families. Do your best to stay out of debt and if your in it get out now!

Do you have children?
If you have children you know that they cost a lot. If you don’t and you can barely afford yourself don’t have kids and don’t do things that produce kids, be responsible.


2 Responses to “Questions For Proponents Of Obamacare”

  1. “If you have children you know that they cost a lot. If you don’t and you can barely afford yourself don’t have kids and don’t do things that produce kids, be responsible.”

    Agreed 100%. It’s the lower class that tends to have the most children and can afford them the least.

    That said, insurance is expensive as hell, and if you have a choice between making a mortgage payment and making an insurance payment, guess which one wins? The economy is in the toilet and the only thing we can blame is irresponsible government and deregulation.

  2. I prefer to blame it on bad regulation and a government that spends way too much. Health care reform costs far too much and is irresponsible.

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