False Hope

“Hope” was at the heart of President Obamas campaign. This time last year we were inundated with all of the hope and change talk that tended to continuously come from then Senator Obama. Needless to say, we are still inundated with the hope and change talk, even though the president is not running for office. Though, these days, the only change we are really seeing is a change of subject.

It seems that many are beginning to loose hope. The presidents poll numbers a slipping, as the health care debate heats up, and he is not in control of his message. He is partly to blame for that problem, the old saying “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” is starting to make a little bit of sense, because it looks like he’s reluctant to address those with whom he differs. Sure he appeared on some small scale conservative talk show, but that is not a big enough step sir.

Why are people loosing hope? Could it be that hope is not something that the government can provide you? The loss of hope is something that was inevitable from the start. That’s the problem with expectations, they are rarely ever met. Hope in its truest form is something that your are expecting to happen, something that you are sure will happen. The kind of hope that the president provided was false hope. Don’t get me wrong here, this is not a personal attack on the president, it is merely pointing out his flawed ideas.

I think its fair to say that as humans we tend to wrongly place hope in either ourselves or our government. Our hope must be placed in things that are bigger than ourselves, and even bigger than our government.

When you place hope in yourself you are sure to not meet the expectations that you have for yourself. The problem with having high or even low expectations for yourself is that life does not operate on your schedule and it does not revolve around you. Life will continually throw you curve balls that will shatter any expectations and hope that you have for the future. That is why we should set goals and have no expectations as to whether or not those goals will be met, we just have to persevere.

When we place hope in the government it is sure to fail us by not meeting our expectations. Those who tend to look to the government for hope end up loosing. Our Government is not meant to be looked to, but rather it is to be looking to us, seeking our direction. When we start pushing a job that we can be doing on to the government we loose. We loose power. One might say I am wrong for seeking power, but I do not seek it for me, but for everyone, rather than just a small group of elites.


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