5 Things You Do Not Say Or Do On Talk Radio

Things You Don’t Say or Do On Talk Radio

1. “I was telling your screener”

This is not something that you need to say. In talk radio time is of the essence, segments go by very fast and this is just something that you don’t need to tell the host. In your mind it might seem a bit redundant to tell the screener and then have to say the same thing to the host, but that’s just how it works. As a call screener it always bugs me when my name gets mentioned.

2. “Let me finish!”

I don’t think there is anything that irritates a host more than the words “let me finish.” You need to remember that when you call into a talk show, it is not your show! The host is supposed to let you ask your question or state your point, but you have to allow the host time for a rebuttal. If you start wasting time by not making a point and continuing to say “let me finish,” it doesn’t make for good radio or good political discussion. Hosts will not let you filibuster, unless of course you are making a gigantic fool of yourself, in that case they will let you talk. Coming from a producers prospective, when you are running the board one of the most painful things is hearing the dreaded click of the phone when someone hangs up. If you get angry and hang up the phone fast board ops don’t like it. To avoid this problem, if I see that you’re getting out of hand I’ll take your slider down.

3. Lie to the screener

Don’t lie to the screener about what you want to talk about. If you lie they will cut you off, its as simple as that.

4. “You’ve been paid off by (name a group)”

This is one of the worst claims. It usually happens right about the time that someone realizes they’re loosing the argument. Its so funny too, because it is so far from the truth. Talk show hosts are not getting paid under the table to say what they say, that is a claim that is totally baseless. Contrary to what you might think all of these guys out there talking don’t agree on every subject.

5. Don’t mention another host on a show (Note: there are some exceptions.)

Most of the time it is not proper talk radio etiquette for callers to mention another host  that has the same political leanings or ideas. You need to remember that this is (insert host name)’s show and when you bring up another guy it just doesn’t sound good. It especially doesn’t sound good when you start to draw equivalencies between hosts. “So and so said this!” So that must now apply to all talk show hosts? Here’s some news, if you call in and mention to Dennis Miller something that Dennis Prager said its not going to matter. Let every person speak for themselves. Again, I must reiterate this, not all talk radio hosts agree on everything.

Here is the exception to the rule. If you are calling in to say that you saw a certain host with another host, then that is alright. If you know that a certain host is friends with another host then you can mention them. If the host has been talking about another host then you can mention them. Hosts that are on the other end of the political spectrum are fair game.


2 Responses to “5 Things You Do Not Say Or Do On Talk Radio”

  1. Jonathan Hoffman Says:

    Very astute Mr. Exrai!

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