Dylan Picked Up By Police

Got to love this. If you’re a Dylan fan this is pretty funny, yet telling.

From CNN:

The rock legend was stopped in July by police in Long Branch, New Jersey, who were responding to a call about a suspicious person roaming the neighborhood, police said.

According to Long Branch Police Department Sgt. Michael Ahart, Dylan had been peering into a window of a house that was for sale, which prompted a neighbor to call the police on July 23.

One of two responding officers, Officer Kristie Buble, 24, approached Dylan and asked him for his name.

“She recognized the name, she just really didn’t believe it was Bob Dylan,” Ahart told CNN. “He was soaking wet because it was raining and he was wearing a hood.”

So Buble asked the musician for identification, but he had none.

Buble and her partner, Officer Derrick Meyers, 24, then asked Dylan, 68, to accompany them to where his tour buses were parked. Once they arrived, Dylan showed them identification.

Dylan was really cool about the whole incident,” Ahart said. He said he asked the singer why he had been walking in the rain and was told, “I just felt like going for a walk.”


4 Responses to “Dylan Picked Up By Police”

  1. What??? Dylan didn’t have a major Hissy-Fit after being questioned by the police?

    What’s the world coming to?

    I know, I know, he wasn’t inside his own house like the Professor of Nothing who threw the international Hissy-Fit.

  2. Good thing he wasn’t a black Harvard professor!

  3. Dylan was totally cool about it…polar opposite of the scumbag Gates.

  4. Joshua W. Barton Says:

    I went to the comments section with the intention of leaving a note comparing Gates to Dylan – not the only one and am so happy. So why isn’t Obama having a beer summit to make sure that “stupid” cops don’t go around tormenting people just because they are a folk singer in America. Please, some news group, please ask Gates to comment. Racism is repugnant and has no place in our society, but it will never vanish if it is automatically and shamelessly resurrected as the reason behind anyone’s actions that upsets a minority individual, which, ironically, forces us to look at their color instead of their actions. Frivolous claims of racism should be treated as severely as racism, just like any false police complaint, lawsuit, etc.

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