Charity v. Obamacare

One thing that has always baffled me was the idea of a Christian leftist. I know they exist but its just so strange. Most of what Christianity teaches goes against what leftists or modern day liberals believe. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, I can understand Christian Democrats, that is not the issue, it is the Christian that is extremely to the left that I don‘t get.

Emotionalism is very dangerous and the left thrives on emotion. The left cares more about making everyone feel better more than making everyone do better. They want people to follow their hearts, and that is something that the Bible and Christianity speak directly against. Look not further than Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” If any modern liberal Christian out there is claiming that they should follow their heart they should reconsider that thought.

I, and apparently some other people, received a comment (the same exact comment) not too long ago from a Christian liberal. I am not going to tear apart her comment and refute every word of it, I have no need to do that. I am also not going to say that she is not really a Christian or that she is going to hell, that is not my place speak, so I wont. But I would like to address a small part of it that troubles me. It is in regard to charity.

First I must quickly address Mathew 25 when Jesus says “And the King shall answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.” You cannot apply this verse to the government, it is clearly meant to apply to individuals. Anyone that try’s to apply this to the government is taking it out of context and making a micro issue macro. The same mistake is often made in regard to turning the other cheek.

Now back to charity. Charity is something that makes a society better. Charity is one of the best ways to exercise your freedom, and it is always good for people to give to other people willingly and happily. But is it good when the government forces charity?

Lets put it this way; if a man walked into your house and at gunpoint forced you to give to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization would that be charity? No. Charity is money or time offered willingly, it does not count as charity if it is forced.

Charity makes a society better because the giving party, the party receiving the benefits and society in the future all win. If money is taken away, or, in other words, taxed away from more affluent individuals and given to poorer individuals no one benefits in the long run. Sure this poor person now has a little more money to spend, but did they actually benefit from the whole process? To put it another way, is it a good “investment” in the future? No, they now know that the government has the power to take away money from the more affluent individual, and give it to them, and they now have no reason to desire charity.

Let us now assume that money is willingly sacrificed and given to an individual in need. The person that sacrificed the money benefits knowing that they helped someone in need. The person receiving the money benefits knowing that someone stepped up for them and they received needed help. It is entirely possible that this person will do the same for someone else in need if they have the power to do so in the future. Now you see how everyone benefits from charity.

One might ask, if this is such a good system then why isn’t it working? If we coming from a religious standpoint, then I would say that it is all because we are humans. Humans are broken and selfish to the core. It is charity when one denies him or herself their free time or their money and sacrifices it for someone else. Unfortunately in today’s society we have too many people not willing to be charitable. What is even more unfortunate is the fact that I often fall into this category. I am selfish and impatient and want my time to be my time, and my money to be my money. I often regret this and I am working on fixing it, just as everyone has to and should do.

Here is the question that I must then ask. What makes you think that a government filled with the same selfish people that are unwilling to give of their time and money will do the job any better? Furthermore, how is society benefiting from this in the long run? If people are going to end up unhappy when the government takes their money and more people are dependent on the government for that money, wont that eventually be a net loss for society? If our aim to produce a bunch of unhappy less productive citizens then we are headed in the right direction.

Contrary to what our good hearted and well intentioned friends on the left think, stealing money in order to help everyone is not good and it will not lead to a better society. Remember that the heart is deceitful, and good intentions never matter in the end, it is doing good that positively effects society. If people don’t do good there will never be any good done, I know it sounds stupid and inane but makes sense and it must be said.


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