RNC Operatives At Town Hall’s, Who Cares? Where’s The DNC Folks?

When it comes to the debate about these town hall meetings, here’s a good question, where are all of the “operatives” from the DNC, ACORN, and Moveon.org? Where are all of the supposed “grass roots” people that got the President Obama elected? Oh, that’s right, they’re on summer vacation. Sorry, bad joke, but I do think the question needs to be addressed.

We are constantly hearing cry’s from the left that the people protesting are nothing but planted “operatives” for the RNC or people that have been sent out by Rush Limbaugh. My response to that, who cares!

I said this back during the tea parties, because you had a lot of the same people spewing the same baseless claims. Whether it is a group of people that organized via Twitter and Facebook, or if people were informed by the RNC or a local talk radio host does it all of the sudden take away their rights or make them any less American? Are they now considered tainted goods because they are well versed and have an effective way of fighting back against the politicians rhetoric? No, they have every right to be out there, and if a few politicians end up looking like, well, lets be honest, what they really are, then that’s fine with me. I recommend that these politicians read up and learn how to fight back.

This is a loose-loose situation for the politician. If they go out and talk to the people they are going to be met with some very angry folks. But, if they decide not to go out, and not have a town hall meeting, then it appears that they are not doing their jobs, and that doesn’t look to good either. Here’s a little tip for the politicians, I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, be ready with good answers for tough questions.

Do I think that it is a good thing when people on my side of the isle are out there yelling and screaming during the town hall meeting? No, I think it doesn’t make us look good, it makes us look like ACORN and MoveOn.org, and we should try to stay as far away from that image as we can. We must be civil.

I guess if you’re well dressed and organized you don’t deserve a voice. If you are not putting on some kind of an “art” display about how troops torture prisoners or burning American flags then you’re just not authentic. If you’re not being escorted off by the cops or preventing people from getting into work you’re not really protesting, you are simply too normal, too average, not eccentric enough to be a real protestor. It is not to “hurt” the President, we don’t like his policies and that is it.


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