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Why We Don’t Need Socialized Medicine

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Found this on Viral Footage


Reagan On Universal Health Care

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Good audio from Beck.

5 Things You Do Not Say Or Do On Talk Radio

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Things You Don’t Say or Do On Talk Radio

1. “I was telling your screener”

This is not something that you need to say. In talk radio time is of the essence, segments go by very fast and this is just something that you don’t need to tell the host. In your mind it might seem a bit redundant to tell the screener and then have to say the same thing to the host, but that’s just how it works. As a call screener it always bugs me when my name gets mentioned.

2. “Let me finish!”

I don’t think there is anything that irritates a host more than the words “let me finish.” You need to remember that when you call into a talk show, it is not your show! The host is supposed to let you ask your question or state your point, but you have to allow the host time for a rebuttal. If you start wasting time by not making a point and continuing to say “let me finish,” it doesn’t make for good radio or good political discussion. Hosts will not let you filibuster, unless of course you are making a gigantic fool of yourself, in that case they will let you talk. Coming from a producers prospective, when you are running the board one of the most painful things is hearing the dreaded click of the phone when someone hangs up. If you get angry and hang up the phone fast board ops don’t like it. To avoid this problem, if I see that you’re getting out of hand I’ll take your slider down.

3. Lie to the screener

Don’t lie to the screener about what you want to talk about. If you lie they will cut you off, its as simple as that.

4. “You’ve been paid off by (name a group)”

This is one of the worst claims. It usually happens right about the time that someone realizes they’re loosing the argument. Its so funny too, because it is so far from the truth. Talk show hosts are not getting paid under the table to say what they say, that is a claim that is totally baseless. Contrary to what you might think all of these guys out there talking don’t agree on every subject.

5. Don’t mention another host on a show (Note: there are some exceptions.)

Most of the time it is not proper talk radio etiquette for callers to mention another host  that has the same political leanings or ideas. You need to remember that this is (insert host name)’s show and when you bring up another guy it just doesn’t sound good. It especially doesn’t sound good when you start to draw equivalencies between hosts. “So and so said this!” So that must now apply to all talk show hosts? Here’s some news, if you call in and mention to Dennis Miller something that Dennis Prager said its not going to matter. Let every person speak for themselves. Again, I must reiterate this, not all talk radio hosts agree on everything.

Here is the exception to the rule. If you are calling in to say that you saw a certain host with another host, then that is alright. If you know that a certain host is friends with another host then you can mention them. If the host has been talking about another host then you can mention them. Hosts that are on the other end of the political spectrum are fair game.

False Hope

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“Hope” was at the heart of President Obamas campaign. This time last year we were inundated with all of the hope and change talk that tended to continuously come from then Senator Obama. Needless to say, we are still inundated with the hope and change talk, even though the president is not running for office. Though, these days, the only change we are really seeing is a change of subject.

It seems that many are beginning to loose hope. The presidents poll numbers a slipping, as the health care debate heats up, and he is not in control of his message. He is partly to blame for that problem, the old saying “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” is starting to make a little bit of sense, because it looks like he’s reluctant to address those with whom he differs. Sure he appeared on some small scale conservative talk show, but that is not a big enough step sir.

Why are people loosing hope? Could it be that hope is not something that the government can provide you? The loss of hope is something that was inevitable from the start. That’s the problem with expectations, they are rarely ever met. Hope in its truest form is something that your are expecting to happen, something that you are sure will happen. The kind of hope that the president provided was false hope. Don’t get me wrong here, this is not a personal attack on the president, it is merely pointing out his flawed ideas.

I think its fair to say that as humans we tend to wrongly place hope in either ourselves or our government. Our hope must be placed in things that are bigger than ourselves, and even bigger than our government.

When you place hope in yourself you are sure to not meet the expectations that you have for yourself. The problem with having high or even low expectations for yourself is that life does not operate on your schedule and it does not revolve around you. Life will continually throw you curve balls that will shatter any expectations and hope that you have for the future. That is why we should set goals and have no expectations as to whether or not those goals will be met, we just have to persevere.

When we place hope in the government it is sure to fail us by not meeting our expectations. Those who tend to look to the government for hope end up loosing. Our Government is not meant to be looked to, but rather it is to be looking to us, seeking our direction. When we start pushing a job that we can be doing on to the government we loose. We loose power. One might say I am wrong for seeking power, but I do not seek it for me, but for everyone, rather than just a small group of elites.

Taking A Break

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I was taking a bit of a break, hoping to start posting again today. I’ve been pretty busy.

Admin To Make Obamacare A Moral Issue?

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Supporters of Obamacare want to see it turn into a moral issue, and it looks like President Obama and his administration going to do just that. They say they want to make an appeal to the religious left “tailored to the groups’ moral emphases.” I already went over the qualms that I have with the “religious left” in my post about the morality of Obamacare. I think turning this into a moral issue is a huge mistake for the administration.

For years conservatives have lived and died on moral issues. Morality and religion is the conservatives home court. Not only is the left not used to fighting issues based on morality, they are going to find it hard to fight on the side of morality for the same reasons that conservatives find it hard to back up their moral shortcomings.

Won’t it look a little contrived if all of the sudden the administration starts turning this into a moral issue and throwing out all kinds of moral rhetoric?

From The Wall Street Journal:

The president is expected to present a more emotional appeal during a conference call Wednesday with liberal religious groups. A senior White House official said the message would be tailored to the groups’ moral emphases, although he cautioned the president’s message to religious groups may not herald a broader shift in themes.

“This is such a technical issue, it’s easy to get bogged down in the weeds,” said Dan Nejfelt, a spokesman for Faith in Public Life, one of the groups scheduled for the Wednesday call. “It’s important to have a voice saying, ‘This is about right and wrong. This is about honoring faith.'”

Again, I will ask the great moral question about Obamacare. Is it virtuous and good for a society to, at gunpoint, have money taken away from its people to help those in need? I find nothing virtuous about wealth redistribution. It is not a good thing for society, it hurts society, creating less givers, more takers, and a whole lot of angry and unhappy people. Unhappy people, who either can’t get the money or care from the government that they wanted to get because it will be rationed. And angry people that are seeing their hard earned money taken away by the federal government. It is a loose-loose situation, whereas charity is not.

There has to be a better way than government take over. The free market works by creating incentives and making commerce easier. We do not have that in America right now. We should at least try to fix what we have now before we start turning everything upside down. Until we’ve done that, at least tried, via allowing insurance to be sold over state lines and tort reform, I see no need for an overhaul and nationalization of the system.

How about the president gives a call to the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, and have him formulate something that works. Because even his UK employees, that have nationalized health insurance, want HSA plans because it provides the employee more options via health care.

The fight is not over people. This president is known for his good branding abilities. He will take the message and repackage it, change the definition of some words and make it look new and better, when its nothing more than the same old thing. Don’t fall for it.

The Joel Gaines Show 8-16-09

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Download high quality file here. (22mb)

August in a non election year is typically a very slow, non-political time. But we are not seeing this with the Obama administration.

Arizona is reporting the effects of a 2006 voter initiative regarding services to illegal immigrants.

The Deficit – which is a leftist talking point about how terrible President Bush was, grew by 181 billion in July and is now higher than at any time in history.

In a very Putin-like move, a very soviet- like move, Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia involved himself in the Ukrainian presidential elections.

And finally, will there be a big 1994 – like upset in congress in 2010? My thoughts on that today as well.