The Joel Gaines Show 7-19-09

Since I produce the show I am going to start linking to the audio on my website and maybe even add commentary, so you can see things from the producers chair.

The Joel Gaines Show 7-19-09

  • A little over 40 years ago, Americans walked on the moon – 1/3 of Americans don’t know that.
  • The President recently spoke at the NAACP’s 100th anniversary event about personal responsibility in the African American community. I have a few words on his address.
  • Let’s jump into a global warming discussion today. We have not visited that topic in a while and well El Nino may not be playing nice with the Global Warming nutters.
  • With the ousting of British Home Sec Jacqui Smith over disclosures that she was bilking the British citizens for $1000 sinks and porn movies, Michael Savage gets some good news.
  • South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is still on the Apology Tour 2009, we’ll check in with some news on that.
  • Oh – Walter Cronkite passed away at age 92. Now, I thought he was already dead – but the news media is making Michael Jackson over his death. I have a few words on that topic.
  • We will also talk about Nationalized Health Care and the raping of the American culture.
  • Finally, let’s take a look at a recent fatwa issued in Iran – you’ll enjoy this.

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