Interesting Juxtapositions

The following is a video of George Stephanopoulos interviewing Vice President Biden on This Week on ABC. At first, by the tone of the interview you’d think that George is going to call the administration out on their “misread” of the economy. Not until he brings up Paul Krugman, who is pretty much a socialist, do we realize that he thinks the administration has not gone far enough. Krugman wants another stimulus package and it seems that Stephanopoulos might want one as well, the VP was very ambiguous not for or against another round of stimuli and even seemed a bit reluctant to say just how much money we’ve actually spent.

And here is President Obama saying “there’s nothing we would’ve done differently.”

Yes, sir, that is exactly what we’re saying.

This video is an ad angry with President Bush’s deficits. Don’t get me wrong, he spent way too much, but this is slightly humorous in hindsight, considering how much the current administration has spent.

And this video should put everything into perspective. Thanks to Political Math for this one.


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