Standby Red 5: Yearning For Recovery

Standby Red 5 is a band that summons the deepest feelings of the listener and allows for cognitive thoughts to flow clearly through the mind of the listener. The lack of lyrics and vocals is a plus because it allows the listener to play the part of the writer and the character in the song, in short, it draws you in.

Music is an incredible and unique apparatus. It starts with a performer and the yearning to communicate with the outside world. In many cases it is a group of performers communicating as one. The performer takes on the seemingly effortless, yet daunting task of bringing two parts of the body together to produce one product. What is more, if in a band, the performer joins his band mates and plays along with the music, in one accord. Standby Red 5 is a band of performers and a grand example of what music is supposed to be.

Alternative and indie music has come a long way. Though it was always innovative even when it looked simple and it was always intelligent even when it looked irrational, it, like all artistic realms has moved on, grown up and is now more of an adult. A lot of the youthful elitism that once existed, that may still linger with the old-timers of the punk, metal and indie scenes is disappearing with the rise of, ironically, new innovators and the younger artists. Walls that were put up are now being torn down by bands that approach music from the same angle as Standby Red 5. Standby exemplifies the progress made in the alternative music realm, as they experiment and pull from many areas of the alt-rock world and other areas of music in general, to put together what is good. There is no sense that Standby desires to make the listener cringe at the sound of the music, but there is also no lack of what one might call infectious edginess and finesse. The former is a desire that need not always exist within the alternative music realm in order to make the music set apart. Contrary to what some might believe beauty is not archaic.

The journey that is Standby Red 5’s new album “Yearning for Recovery” begins with a short and punchy introduction “Champion of the Deep.” You then travel to the catchy more pop based “Our Sinking Legacy,” a song that makes good use of the delay effect on the guitars and has a simple yet infectious drum beat, all in all this song will make you happy. The next stop is the ominous tale of triumph that is “Our Journey By Water” and “The Great Contention of Sea and Sky” two songs that when played back to back make a good team. “Our Journey By Water” starts off with ominous tones, but leads you to a place that eventually overcomes, sending you into the next song, which is arguably the heaviest part of the album musically. These two make for a good listen on a stormy night, because they pack the power of lightening and thunder while creating an atmosphere that pleases the ear.

“He Had The Faith” and “Noble Tealock” are catchy songs that showcase the bands good use of effects and diverse instrumentation. “A Riddle and Its Answer” begs for a little movement on the part of the listener, either clapping of the hands or stomping of the feet. The song wants you involved. At the end of the journey we find ourselves at “Iron Vessels” and “Hold Loosely…Love Strongly,” two songs that really let you know that Standby Red 5 does not believe in limiting themselves. Both songs bring an eclectic combination of instruments whether its the violin, the electric guitar and the xylophone, all while maintaining their sound, which makes for a good conclusion to this album.

All in all this is a good  solid album, coming from a good solid band. “Yearning For Recovery” does a great job of combining more pop oriented songs and heavier driving songs. The band is as musically tight live as they are on the album, but their live act is far from a mere copy of what is heard on the album, live it is even better. “Yearning For Recovery” leaves you yearning to listen to the album a second time, so that you may once again feel that desire to move, that moment of triumph or just allow your mind to be engulfed by the music, creating for you a world where your thoughts can run wild and your ear is thoroughly pleased.

Standby Red 5 MySpace


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