A Taste Of Noble Tea

If you are like me you don’t like taxes. This is virtually universal, though I have talked to some people that actually wouldn’t mind paying higher taxes, but they are few and far between and generally don‘t really pay any taxes. Establishing that the majority of Americans don’t like to pay taxes is not some sort of great feat its just pointing out that this sentiment goes beyond party lines and is noble and morally acceptable, a view some media outlets do not support. Many people are claiming that these tea parties were “non-partisan” I have to be intellectually honest and I’ll tell you that they were more than likely not.failure-reward If you’d like a number I’d say about 60 percent of the participants were Conservatives and about 35 percent of them were Libertarians.

There were police on hand, but they were generally hanging around talking to the crowd and sitting down at times. There was no riot gear, no police brutality, and no anger aimed at the police. Crowds generally don’t get out of hand when they know that a lot of the people in the crowd are packing as well as the police.

I saw a good variety of ideas floating around out there on the signs. I can’t say that I agreed with all of the signs, but for the most part they were good. Anyone that even tries to bring race or ethnicity into this in regards to the attendees is in fact a racist and aught to think before they exercise their rights. I only say this because a lot of angry people on the left seem to want to point out the race and ethnicity of the attendees, as if it is of any matter to conservatives and libertarians.

Lets also set the record straight when it comes to whether or not this whole thing was orchestrated by evil Fox News and radical right wing talk radio. My answer to that is who cares? If it was or it wasn’t doesn’t matter to me one bit. If in fact Fox News and big money were behind this then more power to them, they have every right to do it. Please remember that I have no shame in saying that if a big corporation wants to hand money over to a just and noble cause that I believe in, that’s fine with me. Even if they want to hand it over to a cause that I don’t believe in, if its noble and they are peaceful that’s fine with me.

I have no fear of big corporations. Now it would be different of this were to end up like the protests at Berkley, where military recruiters were kept out of their offices and in other cases protest opposition was being cussed at and assaulted. At that point I would be morally obligated to pull my support from the cause because it would have lost its nobility. But please remember, we have the right to peaceably assemble, if we were to choose to abuse that right then and only then should we be stopped. I do not think that multiple renditions of the national anthem and speeches even begin to compare to the inane and sometimes violent leftist protests that happen at college campuses around the country all year long. And don’t start nitpicking here, if some crazy cat out there wants to act stupid it was probably an isolated incident and taken care of speedily, either by the cops or the citizenry. I think that our cause started out nobly and ended nobly.

As far as I’m concerned it was great. People peacefully exercising their rights is great and its even better when I agree with what they are promoting. Keep it up and don’t let the fire inside die. Even amidst reports of radical right wing crazies on the move and even as they take your money and do with it what they please do not just sit there and be dead weight. Peacefully and nobly exercise your rights and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t.


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  1. I appreciate your blog Ray.

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