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Tech vs. Deregulation, Why Is Radio Dying?

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If you work in radio, read anything about radio, or if you are one of the few people who still listens to the radio, you probably know the future of radio is unclear. There are many arguments as to why the radio industry is failing. Many attribute it to the “deregulation”, which started in the 80’s and continued in the 90’s. Others, like myself, tend to blame new technology; and there are some who blame both.

I would actually side with the theory that deregulation is to blame for the current state of the radio industry, if not for one little issue: it’s happening in every medium. It’s not just radio that has been wobbled by the rise of technology. The internet and computers have changed everything for every medium and that has allowed for more freedom than ever before. Radio, the recording industry, record distributors, software distributors, the book industry and their distributors, newspapers and even television are feeling it.

As the popularity of blogs rise, some people get scared because there’s so much freedom when it comes to information distribution, but I tend to feel pretty good about it. These days newspapers lack the clout they once had and no longer are they totally reliable when it comes to lack of bias – much of the news is designed for nothing more than selling advertisements. The fact is that yellow journalism is the norm and bias that in the past was close to nonexistent or fairly well covered up, is prevalent. Am I afraid of that bias? No not really because when all is said and done facts are facts and the reliable sources will be just that, reliable. Any bad and unreliable source will be regarded as unusable and will either fade from existance, go even further into weird land, or try to clean up their act.

The same concept applies when it comes to the recording and record distribution industry. Record execs are scared because any kid can download Audacity (a completely free audio recording program), or buy ProTools and go to work. The internet is key to distributing music and allowing people to listen to music. No longer is having an actual CD important. And no longer is being signed the “be all end all” of being in a band, in some cases it hurts bands and depletes their following if they are signed to a major label. Now, bands tend to create their own label or join a label with other local bands they are associated with. Do It Yourself (DIY) bands have been around for decades, but now the bar has been lowered and the big boys and the little guys are nearly at the same level as far as potential to distribute goes.

The same goes for the radio industry. The emergence of the iPod has changed everything and the music side of radio is hurting. There are many alternatives to radio with sites like Pandora, Last FM and even MySpace, which all allow free access to music. And in what seems like an attempt to kick’em while their down, congress wants to pass new music taxes that would effect both music and talk radio.

While I believe talk radio has more staying power, it too is down for the count. As podcasting becomes prevalent and “on demand” media is the norm, advertising agencies and radio stations are in a tizzy because they don’t know how to respond. No longer is the listener on the station’s time, the listener is calling the shots. And as technology increases and it takes fewer employees to operate a station, voice talent for small cities is being outsourced to larger cities. The disk jockey of the past is old hat. So while I don’t think radio as a whole will die, radio as we know it will definitely be gone.

So what will happen in the future? Advertising agencies will have to find new ways to attack this market. Some already know the answer – take Hulu for example, you get a free television show or movie if you can endure about four 15 second ads per show. 15 seconds is tolerable but the 30 and 60 second spots of the past are slowly becoming obsolete. As attention spans shrink in America and around the world companies must adapt. Technology has changed everything and I am willing to bet that when we finally think we’ve got this thing figured out, technology will rear its head and companies will have to start from square one once again.

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Bigot: Somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views.

Here are just a few issues where bigotry is the norm. It is only fair to note that not everyone that agrees with parts of the following issues is a bigot.

Evolution: The world has no creator, we know how the world developed and we have “overwhelming evidence” that indicates we are right. Anyone that thinks otherwise is to be regarded as a bronze age, fairytale believing fool and is on a different level of thought than that of the evolutionist. Your opinions will never be heard in the classroom, remember separation of church and state.

Abortion: The fetus inside a woman’s stomach is nothing but a blob. It may have eyes, DNA, fingerprints, fingernails, a nose, a heart, a brain, and all the potential needed to be a human, but we still think it is just a blob, therefore terminate it if you want. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a religious fanatic, therefore their opinion must be regarded invalid. After all they’re just looking to take women’s rights away.

Global warming or “Climate Change:” Global warming is real, “scientific evidence” is vastly in our favor. Even though there are many scientists out there that would contest, on many levels, the validity of global warming, the debate is over. Anyone that thinks otherwise must be marginalized, they must be tied up with “big oil” and they must not be regarded as a real “scientist,” because here consensus is king and there is no debate, we already know the answer.

The examples above are not exaggerated, these opinions are held and acted upon just as I’ve demonstrated. The odd thing that each one has in common is the idea that debate is over, we know the answer and we are right. They regard anyone that disagrees with them as intellectually lower and will not accept a different point of view.

Here is the irony, I am to be regarded as a bigot because I don’t think that homosexuals should be able to get “married.” I put married in quotation marks because the term married has become something that at this time it is not and in previous years never was. Even though I am totally in favor of homosexuals having every right that heterosexuals have when it comes to marriage, my qualm is that I don’t want it to be called marriage. For that I am regarded as a bigot, solely because I am attempting to allow a word to retain its definition.

Many business people that voted for prop 8 in California were literally black listed, nearly run out of town, told that they cannot do business in California and lost their jobs, and those business people are regarded as bigots?

One of the major problems with this debate is the immense amount of subjectivity that has been infused into the debate. Lets assume one day the supreme court of Ohio decided to call self defense murder. That would be completely subject to the Ohio supreme courts definition of “self defense” which is obviously something that it has not been. Self defense has never been regarded as murder and should not be, but for the sake of argument self defense is murder. Don’t you think that there would be a little bit of an outrage. Why? Because something that has for a very long time been regarded as legal and ethically acceptable is now redefined and in turn made the opposite.

That is what is happening right now in regard to the definition of marriage. What should be done about it? Leave it to the states, let the people of the states decide what they want for their state. This should not be a federal issue, we cannot allow for redundancy, if the states have the power to act they should. This should not be legislated from the bench, these judges should not be making decisions on this, if they do people from both sides should allow people to choose. People, if someone doesn’t believe what you believe they are not intellectually lower than you, no matter what side of any issue they are on.

A Taste Of Noble Tea

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If you are like me you don’t like taxes. This is virtually universal, though I have talked to some people that actually wouldn’t mind paying higher taxes, but they are few and far between and generally don‘t really pay any taxes. Establishing that the majority of Americans don’t like to pay taxes is not some sort of great feat its just pointing out that this sentiment goes beyond party lines and is noble and morally acceptable, a view some media outlets do not support. Many people are claiming that these tea parties were “non-partisan” I have to be intellectually honest and I’ll tell you that they were more than likely not.failure-reward If you’d like a number I’d say about 60 percent of the participants were Conservatives and about 35 percent of them were Libertarians.

There were police on hand, but they were generally hanging around talking to the crowd and sitting down at times. There was no riot gear, no police brutality, and no anger aimed at the police. Crowds generally don’t get out of hand when they know that a lot of the people in the crowd are packing as well as the police.

I saw a good variety of ideas floating around out there on the signs. I can’t say that I agreed with all of the signs, but for the most part they were good. Anyone that even tries to bring race or ethnicity into this in regards to the attendees is in fact a racist and aught to think before they exercise their rights. I only say this because a lot of angry people on the left seem to want to point out the race and ethnicity of the attendees, as if it is of any matter to conservatives and libertarians.

Lets also set the record straight when it comes to whether or not this whole thing was orchestrated by evil Fox News and radical right wing talk radio. My answer to that is who cares? If it was or it wasn’t doesn’t matter to me one bit. If in fact Fox News and big money were behind this then more power to them, they have every right to do it. Please remember that I have no shame in saying that if a big corporation wants to hand money over to a just and noble cause that I believe in, that’s fine with me. Even if they want to hand it over to a cause that I don’t believe in, if its noble and they are peaceful that’s fine with me.

I have no fear of big corporations. Now it would be different of this were to end up like the protests at Berkley, where military recruiters were kept out of their offices and in other cases protest opposition was being cussed at and assaulted. At that point I would be morally obligated to pull my support from the cause because it would have lost its nobility. But please remember, we have the right to peaceably assemble, if we were to choose to abuse that right then and only then should we be stopped. I do not think that multiple renditions of the national anthem and speeches even begin to compare to the inane and sometimes violent leftist protests that happen at college campuses around the country all year long. And don’t start nitpicking here, if some crazy cat out there wants to act stupid it was probably an isolated incident and taken care of speedily, either by the cops or the citizenry. I think that our cause started out nobly and ended nobly.

As far as I’m concerned it was great. People peacefully exercising their rights is great and its even better when I agree with what they are promoting. Keep it up and don’t let the fire inside die. Even amidst reports of radical right wing crazies on the move and even as they take your money and do with it what they please do not just sit there and be dead weight. Peacefully and nobly exercise your rights and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t.

New Design

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I’m trying to do a lot to my blog, like revamp it and gain some more control over the design of the whole thing. I am contemplating figuring out how to make templates for WordPress. If I could do that then I can still have it on here without having to buy any server space. So if you have any ideas or want to help me out at all just tell me and we can make something happen.